20 Terrible Signs You've Sold Your Soul — And How To Get It Back (2023)

We've all seen people we thought we knew take action and do something we never thought they would.

They may put aside their morals and values ​​for financial gain. Or maybe they just wanted a chance to find out who is who.

These are the cases where you've probably mentioned someone "selling their soul". It sounds terrible because it is.

What does "sell your soul" mean?

Selling your soul is a metaphor that means that you have betrayed the most intimate parts of your being.

In most religions, the soul is believed to be a source of good, either to leave the body and go to heaven after death, orreincarnate in another person.


From a biblical perspective, selling your soul means giving in to the sinful temptations of the devil. This temporary pleasure leads to banishment to hell after death.

A real life person believed that he had sold his soulTo hell for musicianship was Robert Johnson. It was believed that his early death was the devil collecting his debts.

How do you know that you or someone else sold their soul?

20 Signs You've Sold Your Soul

Are there times when you have compromised what you knew was right in favor of a quick appearance? Here are some clear signs that you have sold your soul.

1. You are selfish.

Are there times when you let go of the impact your actions could have on others? If for any reason you are willing to sacrifice what is right, you have sold your soul.

2. You are full of guilt.

Selling your soul is not a good feeling. Even if you get all the riches in the world, the way you got it will eat away at you. No amount of money can make up for the guilt that plagues you.

3. You are willing to lie.

If you have to tell lies to get what you want, you have sold your soul. If what you did was on the rise, there would never be a need to be fake.

4. You break promises.

If you broke your word for your own gain, you may have sold your soul. Your word is your covenant, and if people can't trust it, can they really trust you?

5. You put pressure on others.

When you pressure people to do things that could harm them, you are selling your soul. Everyone should have the autonomy to decide what is best for them.

6. You omit important information.

A clear sign that you have sold your soul is not revealing details that could harm others. For example, if you talk to people about contracts quickly, they should read It Isyou obviously don't have good intentions.

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7. Your gains are one-sided.

When dealing with other people, everyone should win. If you make deals where you are the person ahead and want the other party to lose, you have definitely sold your soul.

8. They value pleasure over purpose.

You are willing to give up what you are passionate about and are passionate about for an ephemeral pleasure. Anyone willing to give up their dreams and ambitions in this way has sold their soul.

9. They show hypocritical behavior.

You say you have certain beliefs, but your actions prove otherwise. If you claim to be moral and adhere to certain values, but your behavior tells a different story, you have sold your soul.

10. You ignore advice.

Many people have told you not to, but you have ignored their words of wisdom. Instead, you insist on doing what's best for you and only you, regardless of the impact on others.

11. You disappoint others.

Disappointment in life is normal. But people still tend to forgive when you fail, as long as you did the right thing. If others are disappointed by your actions, it symbolizes that you have sold your soul.

12. You consent to Latern.

Going against your true self is spiritually traumatic. You may try to mask your fear with drugs, alcohol, casual sex, or gambling. These things may ease your pain, but it's still there.

13. You have a scarcity mentality.

You think someone has to lose for you to win. Healthy and functional people know that there is enough space at the table for everyone to eat. TOexcessive competitive thinkingit is a sure sign that you have sold your soul.

14. You exploit people.

You use people's vulnerabilities for your own benefit. Showing a shoulder to lean on gives you access to compromising information, and you're ready to throw anyone under the bus to get what you want.

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15. Your life lacks joy.

You have all the trappings of wealth. You are surrounded by respectable people who make you seem important, but you are still unhappy. That inner voice tells you that you did not do the right thing.

16. You have no respect for yourself.

The definition of self-disrespect is doing things that don't serve you. Going against your inner values ​​is telling you that you may have started to lose respect for yourself a long time ago.

17. You are ashamed.

Most people want to shout about their achievements from the rafters. But because you've done things in a slimy way, you can't brag about your conquests. You know deep down in your heart that your actions are not something you should share.

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18. You like to distract.

Instead of taking responsibility and striving to do better, you blame others. It's easier to be distracted than to stand up and say you were wrong. Unfortunately, this can become a nasty habit if left unchecked.

19. You seek revenge.

Carrying grudges is exhausting. The ability to forgive and move on is life changing. But when you have sold your soul, you will seek revenge even if the transgression against you was only in your head.

20. They break the law.

A clear indication that you sold your soul is that you had to break the law to do so. You were willing to risk your future and your freedom to gain something that probably wasn't worth it.

How to get your soul back

If you think you have sold your soul, know that it is possible to get it back and go back to being the kind and virtuous person you once were.

Take responsibility for your actions and vow to do the right thing moving forward. When your misdeeds have consequences, it's up to you to reflect on those mistakes and make amends.

From a religious point of view it is supposedconfess your sins to godwill restore your soul.

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