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Key learning points:

  • What is a bandit board?

  • Are bandit signs illegal?

  • How to make bandit characters

In any successful marketing campaign, a contact point must be established to initiate the transaction.Draw the banditstherefore, many consider it a necessary part of any real estate marketing system. Although relatively primitive compared to alternative methods, they have the potential to create unparalleled exposure for investors of all skill levels.

"Robber signs", as they are aptly named, allow for multiple points of contact with potential customers and facilitate a relatively cost-effective methodbrand awareness. Even the most successful real estate investors continue to use their own variations of the bandit board campaign because they are both tested and proven.

The complexity of the bandit board campaign is masked by its relatively simple nature. However, those who want to take advantage of this system and regularly generate leads can learn a lot. It doesn't take much effort to set up bandit signs, but those who truly understand their importance will likely be rewarded with long-term success in their real estate endeavors. Ultimately, a rogue campaign can be responsible for determining the level of profitability a company can achieve.

Bandit signs, combined with a little ingenuity, can go a long wayfinding an investment property. Sometimes they are all that is needed to close the deal. However, you should familiarize yourself with the proper steps to take in such a campaign. This will not only reduce your chances of making a costly mistake, but also maximize your return on investment.

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What is the bandit sign?

The Bandit sign is a poster-sized printed sign commonly used by real estate investors as a marketing tool, often seen on street corners with words like "we buy houses with cash." Bandit signs are essentially smaller variations of a regular billboard. Their usefulness is directly related to the strategic location of each sign, as they are intended to act as the first point of contact for real estate investors and potential sellers. These displays are embedded in the ground or mounted on walls and are intended to attract the attention of passing drivers. But since most cities have ordinances governing the placement of signs on public land, industry jargon has coined the term "rogue sign." Although their names do not speak enough for them, this medium is necessary for creationhighly targeted leads.


The composition of a typical bandit board consists of a corrugated plastic sheet measuring 12x18 or 18x24 inches. Corrugated plastic is the preferred material because it is cost effective, lightweight, weather resistant and durable. Basic marketing messages are displayed on the face of each sign, suggesting their intentions and revealing how to contact them. Simplicity is key here. Drivers only have a moment to absorb the information. It is normal to see only a phone number and some variation of the phrase "we buy houses".

Generally considered the first campaign that all novice investors should start with, bandit boards have the potential to establish a presence in the community without infringing on the potential seller's privacy.

Real Estate Bandit Sign Ideas

Bandit sign design can be your chance to get creative. As you drive through your local neighborhood, you will most likely see the standard set of yellow bandit signs or black and white signs with the same messages over and over again. Experiment with creative design schemes, such as unique fonts, colors or even a colorful border around the text. Whatever you decide, make sure your messages are concise and readable, with an emphasis on your contact information. (Read: blank bandit characters definitely won't work.) Also, experiment with bandit characters that may not look like bandit characters at all. Some investors use flyers or business cards that can be attached to poles or windshields, while others may invest in making a large banner that can be hung on the balcony.

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Are Bandit Signs Illegal: Bandit Sign Rules and Regulations

Starting a bandit board campaign is highly recommended by real estate investors of all skill levels. However, the legality of its use is of particular importance. Many municipalities do not allow the use of prohibition signs because they often violate city rules. You should always remember to check with local municipal officials for sign regulations.

At the national level, regulations can vary considerably. Each city is responsible for establishing its own preventive measures, if any. Real estate investors who violate local laws will be fined accordingly. In most cities, the penalty for violating the city's traffic sign ordinance can include fines of $200, $500 or more per violation. Consequently, the citizens of each neighborhood cannot appreciate the additional presence of unsightly signs. So expect a lot of mixed feelings about setting them up.

Although the placement of the bandit sign is related to the perceived level of risk, it is not sufficient to reduce its use. In fact, bandit sign campaigns have proven so effective that their rewards far outweigh any fines. These boards have the ability to attract a significant number of potential clients and business that outweigh any fines imposed by local authorities. Ultimately, the choice to run a bandit board campaign is yours. The final decision is always on your shoulders.

On a more positive note, many cities have more easily enforced responsible signing practices than strict no-signing rules. As a result, many local governments have adapted their practices to accommodate investors. Some allow this method of advertising on certain days of the week, provided the sign owner first registers with the city and agrees to be responsible for picking up the signs on certain days for removal.

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Bandit Sign Marketing: Determine Your Budget

Assuming you've decided to use bandit boards and feel comfortable taking responsibility, the next stage is to determine the parameters of the plan. This includesbudgetand the way the campaign is run. It's conceivable that anyone could put up a few ban signs, but those who take the time to develop a solid marketing system are most likely to have long-term success.

Ask yourself: What is a realistic budget that you can use consistently on a weekly basis? Those unfamiliar with the process might consider the potential return on investment. Specifically, estimate expected response rates and budget accordingly. This will justify the amount you can spend on the campaign. Remember, you are setting up a system that can be replicated exponentially and it only takes one business to justify the money spent on marketing.

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Tips for making cheap bandit boards

Bandit signs are an inexpensive investment for your marketing strategy as they can cost just a few dollars each. Costs may vary depending on the size of the sign and the quality of the posts. However, this price difference is minimal, especially when the panels are ordered in large quantities. Instead, the best way to measure the profitability of your bandit board production is return on investment. Here are some tips for creating effective bandit boards:

  • Larger signs are easier to see:While a slightly larger sign may cost a few cents more, keep in mind that many of the people who will see your sign will be driving by in your vehicle. Larger characters allow for a larger font size, making them more attractive and easier for passers-by to read.

  • Location and visibility are key:Again, keep in mind that your sign should be exposed to as many passers-by as possible. In most cases, drivers cannot safely stop and read your sign, so consider locations where drivers can stop and read your sign, such as stop signs, traffic lights, or gas stations.

  • Keep the point:Keep your message clear and concise so readers can focus on remembering your phone number. The biggest mistake you can make is to clutter your plate with words so that no one ever reads it.

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How to generate leads using real estate investor signs

Before you post your bandit boards, determine how you want to receive the leads they generate. Accordingly, they may come in the form of a call or some variant of web-based media (e-mail). Whichever method you choose, you need to have a system in place to receive leads that have produced your boards. Known as onelead intake system, this process allows you to track incoming leads and allows you to respond to them in a timely manner.

Remember that getting a lead doesn't stop you from moving forward with your marketing. In order to run a successful business, it is important to hunt down potential customers and close deals at the same time. Don't stop marketing once you have a deal on the table. "That means you're marketing like crazy when you don't have any deals, but you're doing the same amount of marketing when you're closing five deals," says Jason Hanson of Bigger Pockets. Constant marketing prevents potential customers from drying up and gives you the opportunity to close new business immediately.

We've taken the time to highlight some of the most common lead capture systems. They are as follows:

  • Google Voice:Google Voice refers to a free virtual phone service that can be forwarded to a third-party number (usually a mobile or office line). Calls received by Google Voice are recorded and transcribed for your convenience. Perhaps more importantly, these numbers are untraceable.

  • Call center:Investors with the resources might consider hiring a receptionist to answer incoming calls.

  • Website Squeeze page:If your rogue characters redirect to a website, consider using a squeeze page. These pages are specifically designed to capture the prospect's name, contact information, and the topic they want to sell.

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Making Robber Signs: 10 Tips for Going to the Bank

  1. Get a phone number that is easy to remember and put on untraceable signs.

  2. Do not put your company name on the sign.

  3. Don't put your name on the board.

  4. When choosing a message, keep it short and concise (eg WE BUY HOUSES WITH CASH).

  5. Make sure the font you use is as big and bold as possible.

  6. The context can have a maximum of two lines, not counting the phone number.

  7. If possible, choose a color scheme that is bright and consistent with your brand.

  8. If you are a licensed real estate agent, check with your local board of real estate agents to see if you are required to indicate on your sign that you are a licensed real estate agent.

Once the lead suction system is installed, you can start drawing designs for your rogue characters. This can be done on various websites that specialize in this specific area. When starting out, be sure to order around 200 to 500 bandit boards, keeping in mind that many will break and possibly be lost. Be sure to shop around to get the best possible deal. Buying in bulk makes the cost more manageable.

While it's not incredibly difficult to do, the tips mentioned above form specific guidelines that you should follow.

What are bandit boards made of?

Bandit boards consist of two main components: the post and the board itself. The post is usually made of metal, with teeth that can support the weight of the board and easily insert into soft ground. The panel itself is made of corrugated plastic. The boards are usually 4 millimeters thick, while the most common dimensions are 12 inches x 18 inches or 18 inches x 24 inches.

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Real estate bandit is registered in 4 easy steps

  1. Make an itinerary:Create a map with the specific location of each sign you place in your area. That way, you can track which locations generate the most leads. Collecting this information will help you improve your future bandit board campaigns and update your board position as needed.

  2. Track incoming leads:Track every incoming lead you get from a bandit board in an organized format, such as a Google or Excel spreadsheet. Always ask them where they saw your sign and note what kind of clue it is. These notes will help you prepare your real estate business for the type of leads you will receive. Be sure to follow up on even cold leads because they could become important contacts in the future.

  3. Compile a list of customers:As you build a successful bootcamp in your area, you're bound to find other investors doing the same. Reach out to other investors whose information you find on competing bandit boards. This will help you build relationships with other real estate investors in your area and potentially create a large list of potential buyers. Always collect their name, number, email address and put that information in a database for later use. You never know how this exercise can help you in the future.

  4. Respect local investors:Real estate investors often rely on reputation, so it's important to treat other investors in your area with respect. Don't put bandits' plates in front of other people's plates and don't change yours. Not only can they report you to local authorities, but it can also hurt your ability to make contacts in your area.

The prospect of going on a bandit board campaign is usually more appealing than people realize. As mentioned earlier, anyone can blindly and effortlessly place ads in areas they suspect will generate leads. However, it is unwise to pursue a campaign of this importance without taking the time to research the market.


Usedrawing banditscan be a controversial topic in the real estate investor community as their legality is questionable in some countries. However, many investors stand firm on the success and ROI of this ever-popular marketing tool. If you want to include tire signs in your marketing strategy, pay special attention and follow local regulations and guidelines. Applying some of the above ideas and top tips will surely have your phone ringing in no time.

Are bandit signs strictly prohibited in your area? If so, what are your creative marketing tactics similar to bandit boards? Conversely, if rogue characters are allowed, what design strategies have you used that have worked best? Share in the comments below.

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Are bandit signs worth it? ›

While bandit signs are a cheap and effective way for real estate investors to generate leads and find deals, they're also risky. They don't only run the risk of getting you some hefty fines, but they can also harm your brand image.

How well do bandit signs work? ›

For real estate investors, a bandit sign is most effective when it has accurate information. In many instances, these signs are missing key information like a contact number, which is counterproductive as the entire objective is for potential clients to contact you! Don't let your bandit sign campaign end in vain.

How many bandit signs should I put out? ›

How Many Real Estate Signs Should I Put Out? The most important thing you can remember about marketing with Bandit Signs (or any form of marketing, for that matter) is consistency. The more signs that you put out, the more leads you will get. If you're just starting out, put at least 100 signs per month (25 per week).

What are bandit signs? ›

A bandit sign is any sign which is illegally placed on public property or in the right-of-way. These signs are lightweight, inexpensive advertising signs usually made from paper, cardboard, or corrugated plastic. Some common types of signage include political, real estate, developer, and garage sale signs.

What is the best backing for signs? ›

Here are the best materials for outdoor business signs!
  • Aluminum. Aluminum is extremely versatile, lightweight, and resistant to the elements, as it doesn't rust. ...
  • Medium Density Overlay (MDO) ...
  • DIBOND® ...
  • Aluminite. ...
  • Acrylic. ...
  • Vinyl. ...
  • Durawood.
Oct 27, 2020

What is the best metal for signs? ›

Stainless steel is a popular choice for exterior signs because it's resistant to corrosion. Even after the heaviest rain downpours, stainless steel won't rust or wear. If you're looking for large-scale lettering for your exterior sign, stainless steel is a great investment.

Are bandit signs illegal in Florida? ›

The reason they are called bandit signs is simple: it is illegal. «For security reasons. The city cannot allow individuals to remove illegal signs, but the city will not take punitive action against people who remove illegal signs from city rights-of-way,» a spokesperson said.

Are bandit signs illegal in California? ›

They're commonly referred to as bandit signs. And yes, they're illegal.

Are bandit signs illegal in Georgia? ›

In Georgia, it can be a misdemeanor charge if you place a bandit sign in the wrong place. Bandit signs are not allowed in the “right of way” which means if they're too close to state roads and highways, they can and will be removed.

Are bandit signs illegal in North Carolina? ›

Bandit Signs (Yard Signs)

Limited to four square feet in area and four feet in height. Cannot be affixed to a tree, fence, unity pole or light fixtures. Can not be located closer than 11 feet from the edge of the pavement of any roadway or alley, or within any public right-of-ways.

What are lollipop signs? ›

Lollipop Signs are a new advertising twist using the age old round circle sign. These simple, yet bold displays are printed on both sides for added exposure. Lollipop signs can be custom made for your specific requirements, round or rectangle and also with different shapes.

Why are they called bandit signs? ›

A: A bandit sign is any sign which is illegally placed in a restricted area, often advertising anything from new homes to weight-loss products.

What are hang signs? ›

As their name implies, hanging signs are commonly located in higher areas, whether hanging from ceilings, store fixtures or attached to walls. They are typically used to help direct shoppers towards products and services in a retail store setting.

What wood makes the best signs? ›

Redwood and cedar wood have one of the best outdoor weathering capabilities. The wide growth-rings give this wood the desired affect that most sign-makers and buyers are looking to achieve.

Are yard signs a good way to advertise? ›

Lawn signs help establishments attract more customers and create brand awareness. In addition, they provide an opportunity for businesses to promote their products or services in a creative way that is memorable for potential customers.

What shape is best for signs? ›

Rectangular signs are good for fewer words. Outdoor signs that are perfect squares are useful when you want to include several lines of text. Want to use a more unique shape? Circles and ovals are also fairly common.

What format is best for signs? ›

File format is the first and most important consideration for designing signage. PDF/X-4 is the ideal file format for large-scale graphics, although we can also accept Adobe Creative Cloud files from InDesign (packaged), Illustrator (packaged), PhotoShop, high quality JPGs, and TIFFs.

What is the best material for open house signs? ›

Polystyrene is particularly effective when used as a panel in an open house or directional sign. Its light weight makes it easy to transport. Keep in mind, if you order polystyrene as a sign panel that's riveted to a frame, you don't have to worry about the sign bowing.

What material are bandit signs made of? ›

The composition of a typical bandit sign consists of a 12×18 or 18×24 inch corrugated plastic board. Corrugated plastic is the preferred material, as it is cost-effective, lightweight, weatherproof, and durable.

What size are bandit signs? ›

What is the standard bandit sign size? A. The most popular size of bandit signs that we sell are 24" x 18".

How are street signs attached to the post? ›

While sign mounting hardware consists of small pieces, it is important that you choose the highest quality, heavy duty metal sign brackets and hardware for mounting your signs. Street signs and parking signs are attached to the signposts using heavy brackets with pre-drilled holes.

How do they attach street signs? ›

Stop signs and other regulatory traffic signs are single-sided, and can be installed to the face of a post or pole. Since street name signs need to be seen from both sides, they are typically installed on top of a post or pole.

Is door knocking illegal in Florida? ›

According to Florida law, individuals who engage in door-to-door solicitation activities that sell, lease or rent consumer goods or services with a purchase price more than $25 are required to have a home solicitation permit issued by the clerk of the court.

Can you detain a trespasser in Florida? ›

(By law, any property owner who believes the culprit poses a threat and has committed a trespassing crime, may take the culprit into custody and detain the individual until law enforcement officers arrive.)

Are bandit signs legal in Texas? ›

It is illegal to place a bandit sign in public rights-of-way, which is the area of street, median and sidewalk between utility poles. However, with the permission of the property owner, it is legal to place a sign on private property. This includes a private residence, a business, a school or a park.

Are bandit signs legal in NY? ›

— You've probably seen the "We Buy Houses" signs that pop up on phone and utility poles all over the country. Commonly called "bandit signs," it's illegal to post them on public property in York City.

Is turning on red illegal in California? ›

You can turn right at a red light, if: There is not a NO TURN ON RED sign posted. You stop at the stop or limit line, yield for pedestrians, and turn when it is safe.

Are walking sticks illegal in California? ›

Penal Code § 22210 PC makes it illegal to manufacture, import, sell, give, or possess leaded canes or batons (or other weapons in this category). The offense can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. A conviction is punishable by up to 3 years in jail or prison.

Are bandit signs legal in Maryland? ›

No. State laws prohibit any type of off-premise outdoor advertising signs adjacent to Maryland's Interstate highways or expressways such as I-70, I-95, and US 50.

Is it illegal to put stickers on street posts? ›

It is illegal for any person to affix or attach any sticker or decal on a public or private building or structure.

Is door to door soliciting illegal in Georgia? ›

Anyone who plans to go door-to-door selling a product or service must get a permit. Each employee soliciting for a licensed business must obtain a permit. Exemptions include: Bona fide 501c3 charitable organizations.

Is it illegal to sing of key in North Carolina? ›

In North Carolina, it's against the law to sing off key! So pretty much anyone who has sung at a karaoke bar has broken this law. The origin of this weird law dates back to the 19th century. Legend has it that a man in Lumberton, North Carolina was fined for singing loudly and poorly.

Is soliciting illegal in NC? ›

In North Carolina, prostitution and solicitation are illegal.

Is it illegal to put a tracker on someone's car in North Carolina? ›

North Carolina

Makes it unlawful to knowingly install, place, or use an electronic tracking device without consent, or cause an electronic tracking device to be installed, placed, or used without consent, to track the location of any person.

What does lollipop mean girl? ›

(also lollipop woman) a woman who helps children to cross the road near a school by standing in the middle of the road and holding up a stick with a round sign on it that means that the traffic must stop: The traffic has got a lot worse since she started as a lollipop lady fifteen years ago.

What is the lollipop girl? ›

The Lollipop Girl is a gripping psychological thriller, and BOOK ONE of the Lakes Cipher series. If you like stunning twists, flawed heroes and edge-of-the-seat suspense, then you'll love this unforgettable page-turner by Syd Hart. Buy The Lollipop Girl today and immerse yourself in a riveting suspense!

What is a lollipop lady called? ›

A crossing guard (North American English), lollipop man/lady (British, Irish, and Australian English), crosswalk attendant (also Australian English), or school road patrol (New Zealand English) is a traffic management personnel who is normally stationed on busy roadways to aid pedestrians.

Who invented bandit? ›

America, the cradle of slot machine history

The one-armed bandit first appeared in San Francisco in 1895. Charles August Fey was the man behind this great invention. The first slot machine worked with a simple mechanical system.

What is a bandit board? ›

CUBIC BANDIT BOARD BUNE JECT POCKET The Cubic Bandit Board is an integrated low-cost tactical training capability that transmits the live P5 Combat Training System/Tactical Combat Training System (P5 CTS/TCTS) display onto a kneeboard tablet for an aggressor "Red Air" pilot.

Are bandit signs illegal in Houston? ›

Violators are subject to a fine between $300 -$500, can be taken to court, as well as have a warrant issued for their arrest for breaking Chapter 28 of Houston's code of ordinances. Bandit signs are typically small and placed in large quantities along public spaces as esplanades.

What hand signs hang loose? ›

“Hang loose,” “Right on,” “Thank you,” “Things are great,” “Take it easy” – in Hawaii, the shaka sign expresses all those friendly messages and more. As kamaaina know, to make the shaka, you curl your three middle fingers while extending your thumb and baby finger.

What are signs called that stick out from the wall? ›

indoor and outdoor guidance

Vista's protruding signs, also called projecting or flag signs, are used primarily for the purpose of wayfinding and guidance, both indoors and outdoors, allowing designers to plan the way crowds will move through spaces in offices, public areas and shopping centers.

How tall are real estate signs? ›

Metal frames

Real estate frames are typically are made for a 24”x18” standard size real estate sign. It can hold various yard sign materials such as corrugated plastic, rigid plastic and aluminum. The standard height for real estate frames is 47” with a 24” standard width. The frames are made of a durable iron frame.

Do pavement signs work? ›

Simply put, pavement signs are effective because they increase your visibility. Everything about your storefront helps a potential customer build a first impression about your business.

How long do metal signs last? ›

Metal Signs

A business owner can successfully use an outdoor aluminum sign for seven to 10 years before it starts to degrade. As mentioned, aluminum and stainless-steel signs are waterproof, which makes them ideal choices for areas with high snowfall and rain.

Are bandit signs illegal in NY? ›

They're commonly referred to as bandit signs. And yes, they're illegal.

Are yard signs good marketing? ›

For professional use, a yard sign is an effective marketing and brand awareness tool.

What are the advantages of street signs? ›

Traffic signs provide valuable information to drivers and other road users. They represent rules that are in place to keep you safe, and help to communicate messages to drivers and pedestrians that can maintain order and reduce accidents. Neglecting them can be dangerous.

What metal is best for outdoor signs? ›

Aluminum. Aluminum is one of the best materials for outdoor signs because it's lightweight, strong, and affordable.

Do metal signs fade in the sun? ›

Few materials are more suitable for continual outdoor use than metal. Plastic will often fade in the sun, break, and crumble within a few years. On the other hand, metal often lasts for decades, especially if it is powder-coated. Outdoor metal signs excel in durability and are able to withstand all types of weathering.

Will metal signs rust outside? ›

For indoor signs, this is the end of the rusting process. A clear coat will be applied to the metal sign for a smooth finish. However, exterior signs are designed to continually rust overtime.


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