Feetfinder Review: How to Sell Feet Photos for Money (2023)

Are you interested in learning?how to sell feet photos onlineto earn extra money? In this Feetfinder review, we will discuss how to make money selling photos of your feet online.

Feetfinder Review: How to Sell Feet Photos for Money (1)

Are you interested in selling foot photos online? Did you know that you can sell feet photos online and get paid for them?

the whole concept ofearn money selling photos of your feetIt may sound exaggerated, but it is a unique way to earn extra money from home.

In spite ofI like blogging and making money from it., this side hustle (selling feet photos) is growing rapidly.

Also, there is a huge demand for foot pictures right now, and it is becoming more popular as more people understand it.

The good news is that you cansell photos of your feet anonymouslywithout revealing your true identity to your buyers if that's what you want to do!

And since Feet Finder is one of the most talked about sites to buy andLooking at pictures of feet...

Before you start taking pictures of your beautiful feet, let's find out;What is Feetfinder in this Feetfinder review?!

What is Footfinder?

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Are you looking for a unique and non-standard side hustle that you can benefit from?

foot finderIt's your one-stop-shop where you can view foot photos, sell foot photos, and chat with other members about, you guessed it, feet!

Foot Finder allows verified users to buy, sell and view personalized foot content online.

According to Patrick Nielson, the founder of Feetfinder, Feetfinder is the safest, easiest and most secure site to view and buy feet content on the world wide web.

Over 250,000 people and counting upload and buy footer content every day!

Also, Patrick Nielson believes that selling feet photos on Feetfinder is the best place to earn more money in a safe environment while selling unique and exclusive feet photos and videos.

Can FeetFinder help you earn passive income?

FeetFinder is an innovative way to generate passive income online. But before you start taking pictures of your feet, you need to have a plan.

It is not wise to upload just a few foot videos or foot photos and expect the money to roll in every month without adding any new content.

If you want to earn passive income, you will need to be creative and active.

Photos are usually $5 per photo. Selling an image can get your monthly fees back, but you'll probably want to sell more. Treating it like a small business and promoting your foot finder account is a smart move.

Do I need to be in the US to sign up for Feetfinder?

Feetfinder is available to anyone anywhere in the world and allows users all over the world to use it.

This makes the foot finder a great place for anyone to create an account and see if selling photos of their feet is something they can make money from!

Anyone can sign up and take photos and videos of their feet. Images and videos may be made available to individual buyers and businesses for a fee.

How to register on Footfinder?

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  1. Sign up for an account.To sign up as a seller/viewer/buyer of footer content, click the "Sign Up" button belowfeet finder website.
  2. Fill in the form and information.To use the Platform, you must be at least 18 years of age.
  3. Verify your identity.To verify your age and identity, upload a photo of any government-issued ID. Feetfinder promises that your information will not be shared with anyone. This is to ensure that sellers are not bots or fake accounts.
  4. Pay the registration fee.After confirming all the details, the final step to sign up a seller is to pay $3.99 per month or $14.99 per year, or $29.99 for a premium account per year. Their website claims that the fee was introduced to ensure that only serious sellers use the platform. The fee will also be used to promote sellers and increase marketing efforts. Also, improve the user experience on the site, which can lead to increased sales and revenue.
  5. Upload content.Once you've been verified, you can start submitting content to Feetfinder's "My Stuff" page. You can upload unlimited photos and videos, but videos must not exceed 10 minutes in length.

Once you've done all of the above, you can now earn money from every sale you make by selling pictures of your feet!

Footfinders most popular foot categories.

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Now let's talk about the different categories of Footfinder.

When it comes to selling foot content online to make money, it goes without saying that pictures of beautiful feet will play a big part in how you earn a decent passive income online.

Furthermore, since potential buyers also visit the Feetfinder site to view images of feet, these visitors often browse through a wide range of categories to get what they are looking for.

Therefore, to better understand the foot content available on Feetfinder,try clicking on the "Popular Categories" tab.

There you will be able to see a wide variety of photos and videos of feet and see the prices of your competitors.

Categories available on Feetfinder include:

    • arched feet
    • Asian
    • long fingers
    • solas
    • asmr
    • showing the face
    • Nylon
    • Medias
    • Sandals
    • dirty feet
    • Zapatillas
    • Tattoo
    • High jump
    • Enamel
    • Pedicure
    • Lotion

Please note that there are many other categories listed on Feetfinder. However, these categories seem to be the most popular on the site.

These categories should also give you a better grasp and understanding of what footer content to create so that you can generate a good income for that particular one.personal project.

How much can you earn selling feet photos?

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It all depends on who buys the photos. You can earn between $5 and $100 per photo, just like other types of photography.

Earnings can also be affected by many factors, such as how well you market your photos to the quality of your photos.

However, the Feetfinder platform can generate passive money.

However, it all depends on the quality of the content you create and how well your content meets the needs of the buyers.

How to sell feet photos and earn money with Feetfinder?

Here are some great ways to make more money from your feet photos:

1. Evaluate the photos of your feet well.

You can price your content yourself, which is great news for making money online. Photos can sell for as little as $5, or you can bundle them for $40. Some foot videos can cost upwards of $100. It all depends on the type of foot videos and photos you want to create.

2. Get other people to recommend your referral code.

You can also earn additional income by earning commission on the sales of those who joined the platform through your referral code.

How does the referral program work?

Referral code holders earn 10% on every sale they make. This does not come from the sellers' profit, but from the Footfinder fee. Each user receives a unique referral code/link and can share it wherever and with whomever they want. Your code will be automatically inserted in the reference section of any submission if the user uses your link.

Example: user A shares a referral link with user B. User B registers using the referral link of user A. If user B sells $100, user B earns $80 (80 %) while user B earns $80 (80 %) wins $10 (10%).

3. Sell custom, specific foot photos.

Buyers of footing content on Feetfinder can also private message sellers to request specific photos. You can choose whether the person must be a subscriber for added security to get a response from you.

4. Highlights.

You can sell more if you are a featured model on FeetFinder. You can also offer more personalized content and charge more for those photos once they're displayed.

Why isn't there a Footfinder app?

Originally, FeetFinder was going to be an app. But despite their efforts, the app was rejected by both Google and Apple for being a “fetish” app.

However, Feetfinder will be the first app to allow foot fetish content if Google or Apple allow it!

As of now, Feetfinder can only be accessed through a web browser on your computer or smartphone.

Are transactions secure and anonymous on Feetfinder?

FeetFinder has partnered with two payment processors to ensure that transactions are secure and anonymous. These two processors include Paxum and Segpay. Paxum is used for international transactions, while Segpay is used for transactions with US sellers.

Can you sell other things on Feetfinder?

Feetfinder is for feet photos and videos only. You will be banned if you sell nude images. Of course, nude photos of your feet are fine, but nude photos of anything else will get you banned from the site.

FeetFinder Review: Pros and Cons

Feetfinder Review: How to Sell Feet Photos for Money (6)


  • You can keep 80% of the sales as a seller of your photos.
  • The seller sets the price. You determine the price you charge for the content you post. You can get the most out of the platform if you have a strong trading strategy.
  • FeetFinder is available free to all shoppers, which can help attract more shoppers. When there are more buyers, that means potential for more money.
  • Feetfinder offers weekly cash gifts. FeetFinder looks for active sellers on the site who interact with FeetFinder through social media and then purchase some of their content.
  • The seller can cancel an account at any time. If they are not satisfied with the site, sellers can revoke their accounts. However, products and services cannot be refunded.
  • It is a very useful site. This site provides a lot of practical and detailed information to ensure that users are fully informed.


  • Footfinder is not free. No matter how much content you want to publish, the subscription fee is automatically charged to all sellers who subscribe.
  • There is no sign of a free trial available to sellers. To share their content on this site, sellers must pay. The monthly charge is $2.99 ​​or $24.99 per year. Initially, FeetFinder did not charge sellers for using the platform. However, they got away.
  • 20% of sales are used to protect data and pay for transactions. (This could be considered a pro because the site is actively maintained.)
  • Feetfinder requires you to have an ID to register. However, this could be a problem if you don't have a secure system.
  • No FootFinder app. FeetFinder users are limited to the website version as no apps have been created (yet!).

What are people saying about Footfinder?

The Feetfinders trustPilot rating is4.9 stars.

FeetFinder has received strong reviews from Trustpilot.

FeetFinder also has its fair share of bad reviews, just like any other business, but many of them are sellers who haven't given Feetfinder enough time to make a living.

FeetFinder also seems to be quick to respond to complaints posted on Trustpilot. For sellers having trouble getting started, they offer email help.

Feet Finder vs. Instafeet

Feetfinder Review: How to Sell Feet Photos for Money (7)

Fast foodis another popular website that allows people to buy and sell foot images online.

However, only users subscribed to the Instafeet seller page can access the online content of your feet, and building a following can take time.

It's a bit more secure as your photos are not easily accessible online via Instafeet. Still, you'll have a much better chance to earn money using Feetfinder, since any potential buyer can view the content of your feet online and make a purchase.

However, Instafeet is also free to join, so if you're considering this unique way to make money online, then joining for free makes Instafeet a better choice for beginners than Feetfinder.

But remember that instafeet also charges a commission for each sale you make. Instafeet takes 10% of your earnings on the platform compared to Feetfinder, which takes 20%.

You may want to consider starting with Instafeet to get your feet wet (no pun intended!), especially since there is no cost to join or, better yet, you can cross-promote between the two sites for more success in earning money. passive selling foot content online.

You canread my full Instafeet review here!

Is Footfinder safe?

Sites like FeetFinder are often asked about their safety. But you can rest easy knowing that FeetFinder is safe and secure with the platform they built.

FeetFinder is the safest place to buy and sell foot content. Your details and card information are kept safe with third-party firewalls, PCI-compliant security, and encrypted servers.

Registration is subject to verification and other security measures are in place for buyers and sellers.

The site is also secure and customers cannot see your personal information or any other personal information you have used to sign up to verify your account.

Because FeetFinder charges a small monthly subscription fee to keep it up to date and secure, it keeps unwanted people at bay.

How do I sell feet photos anonymously?

If you are careful, it is possible to sell photos of your feet anonymously.

Here are several ways to protect your identity:

  • Cover your face with a sticker or photo prop that you can find in a photo editing program.
  • Never use your legal name. If anonymity is important to you, it might be worth changing your name to an "alias" name. You can also choose a name that is not related to your real name.
  • Try to hide, blur, or block out identifiable body features such as scars, tattoos, and beauty marks.
  • A wig can make you more anonymous than your usual hairstyle.
  • Never reveal your location to anyone. If you do, tell them you are from another country.
  • Create a new social media account with a NEW email address.
  • Geotagging must be disabled in your default camera app. This will prevent your customers/subscribers from seeing your photos and tracking where your feet photos were taken.
  • Invest in a VPN. VPNs can be purchased with monthly subscriptions and are very affordable. VPNs can be used to pretend you are in Australia but you are actually in the US. VPNs are a great way to stay anonymous online. Change your IP address to an alternate IP address.

Disclaimer regarding the sale of photos online.

While you may not make as much money as people selling nude face pictures online, you can still make a decent amount of money selling anonymous foot pictures online.

No matter how desperate you are to make money, your values ​​should not be forgotten. Your safety and well-being should always be your top priority before money. Stay safe!

Frequent questions

Will my phone number be visible to other users?

No other user will see your phone number. This information is used to send users text messages to respond to messages, offers, and other updates found in the online foot finder software.

Can I buy or sell non-feet content?

FeetFinder is for feet content only. Feetfinder strictly enforces this rule and does not allow any nudity or graphic content. As long as no nudity is seen, it's okay to wear lingerie or thongs.

Is it possible to share an account with others?

Do not do. Only verified users can access FeetFinder account. FeetFinder will prohibit you from sharing an account with anyone.

How old do I have to be to use FeetFinder?

FeetFinder can only be used by users who are at least 18 years old. If you are under the age of 18, you will not be allowed to create an account. FeetFinder will inform all users who created accounts under the age of 18.

How does Feetfinder verify the identity and age of users?

Before sellers can upload content, message buyers, or modify their profile, they must verify their ID.

Shoppers will only need to link their cards before being able to access their accounts.

Sellers must also submit a photo of a government-issued ID along with a matching selfie. This is done to ensure that there are no fake or underage accounts.

FeetFinder will not share or sell your information to any other company. This is used for verification and payment purposes only.

Is PiesFinder free for buyers?

PiesFinder is available for free to all shoppers! FeetFinder only charges sellers a small monthly subscription fee of $3.99 per month or $14.99 per year (or 9.99 per month for premium). These costs pay for new features and marketing to attract buyers.

Is Footfinder legit?

This Feetfinder review would not be complete without expressing my honest opinion on whether Feetfinder is legit.

Compared to my Instafeet review here, I'm more confident that Feetfinder is a safer place to start selling foot pictures online.

However, that's only if you don't mind paying a small monthly fee that costs less than a cup of coffee.

The only reason I'm saying this is because the Feetfinder membership fee keeps unwanted people out. Since Feetfinder actively promotes and responds to reviews on Trustpilot, this makes them more reputable in my opinion.

Also, if Feetfinder wasn't as involved as they are, I wouldn't recommend them, but comparing Feetfinder to Instafeet, I think Feetfinder takes the win!

However, just because you are reading a comment on my website does not mean that you are safe to distribute your personal information online.

My best advice is not to give out your primary bank account information, PayPal information, passport numbers, or any other identity that reveals too much information about you, who you are, and where you live.

When it comes to selling anything online, stay safe, especially when selling things for cash.

Feetfinder Review: Final Thoughts.

While Feetfinder is a great way to sell pictures of your feet online, it's also an anonymous way to sell pictures of your feet online. So if you want to try this unique way of earning money, give it a try.

Since you don't need to reveal your personal information like your Paypal account to your buyers, it makes transactions anonymous and secure.

The only thing I would suggest is to be safe. Eighteen is still a bit young, and if you're young and looking for a way to make money online, I think blogging is your best bet over selling foot pictures.

I recommendstarting a blog, so you can have a little piece of the Internet! Also, you cancreate a blog in less than 20 minutes with my helpful guide here.

Whatever you choose, make sure you give it time and always stay safe. You won't make money right away, especially if you don't put in the time and effort.

However, the sky is the limit if you work hard and are a bit creative!


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How do I make my FeetFinder account successful? ›

Use real name and identity. Usually, buyers are more convinced in buying feet pics from real users. It makes it easier to verify the account by viewing a seller's profile on different social media apps. However, a creator's profile with a link to their social media accounts is more likely to get more buyers.

How much can I realistically make selling feet pics? ›

Most people charge anywhere from $5 to over $100 per foot picture. However, the average foot photo is usually around $15-$25 per photo. Feel free to get creative and set a price based on the work you put in and how creative you are! You can always start low and move your prices up higher as you see what's selling well.

What kind of feet make the most money? ›

There are seven main foot shape types - peasant, square, Greek, stretched, Roman, Egyptian and simian and experts at OnBuy.com can reveal that those with the 'peasant' foot type are the most financially successful, earning an average of £45,000 a year which is 15 per cent higher than the UK average of £39,000.

What do people look for in feet? ›

This particular preference for feet can vary from person to person. Some people are turned on just by looking at feet. Others may find painted nails, jewelry, or other adornments appealing. Still others get sexual satisfaction in foot treatments, such as massaging or worshiping feet.

Is it easy to sell pictures of feet? ›

It's pretty easy money

I don't even have to make sure I have a pedicure, because some people don't want that and some people will pay for you to go get one. Sometimes people have specific requests, like they want a video of me taking my socks off really slowly or rubbing baby oil on my feet.

Is it hard to start selling feet pics? ›

Some social media platforms will have certain content rules you need to follow, but there's not much you can do to really be in trouble selling feet pics- as long as you sell your own pictures and don't plagiarize other models. Selling feet photos is legal in most countries.


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