Heather Rae Young's stunning transformation - The List (2023)

Heather Rae Young's stunning transformation - The List (1)

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On the hit Netflix show "sell sunset' hit the streaming platform, took the world by storm. Incredible real estate in the Hollywood Hills, high-stakes office environment, drama between model realtors - the show has it all. Of course, many of us keen viewers were addicted to the internal personal drama that Christine Quinn vs. Chrishell Stause feud was loud.us weekly. And of course, who could forget when Stause's high-profile divorce hit the star during filming? But while there was so much drama going on between Quinn and Stause (and you know Davina Potratz wasalwaysin other people's affairs), agent Heather Rae Young mainly focused on business.

Sure, Young was in and around the drama, but of all the agents working in Oppenheim's glamorous group, she seemed to be one of the least jaded when newcomer Stause joined the company in Season 1. Since then, she's only gained star power, especially given her engagement to HGTV star Tarek El Moussa. So who is Young and what was her life like before "Selling Sunset" made her a star? Here is Heather Rae Young's stunning transformation.

Heather Rae Young grew up in a fairly rural environment.

Heather Rae Young certainly brings all the glitz and glamor to the big screen during her performances on 'Selling Sunset,' but what if we told you that she grew up more rural and outdoorsy? Young grew up in Running Springs, California, a small mountain town near the San Bernardino National Forest. Before embracing the life of high heels and billboards, Young spent her childhood with "a national forest for [hers] her backyard" and spoke about her experience withmotor trend. “I hiked to the creek and swam, went sledding in the winter, and had a handful of ski resorts to choose from. It may sound silly, but I love skiing," she told the outlet.

In a separate interview withPlayboyYoung's childhood has been described as "idyllic", in which she enjoyed spending time outdoors, taking walks with her dogs, taking dance classes, and enjoying small-town life. She emphasized the experience of her learning "good small-town values ​​and a strong work ethic from [hers] parents from her" from her that lasted her entire life. But the great city called her by her name.

The Selling Sunset star wasn't in a clique in high school, instead having a laid-back adolescence.

Considering how gorgeous Heather Rae Young is, you'd think she was definitely the queen bee in high school. It seems every high school has one: the girl who rules the halls and always looks almost perfect. While the Oppenheim group is definitely full of various queen bees (look at you, Christine Quinn), Young's actual days in high school were a lot more laid-back than you might imagine.

Because she grew up in such a small town, Young's high school was made up of students from several different communities in her area, and she estimates her class had more than 100 students. sitting withmotor trendHe made it clear that while the class was not very small, "we didn't have separate cliques at school." "We still had different kinds of kids, but we were all friends," she said. And as for the superlative senior of him? Young almost won best hair because, as she said, he was smooth and silky throughout. Although the estate agent admitted that her locks were "somewhat damaged" due to the photo shoots.

Muere guerra Heather Rae Youngs erster Job

We all did odd jobs in high school. From babysitting (which seems like a rite of passage), to waiting tables or driving buses in cafes, many of us take advantage of weekends and summer vacations from school to earn a few extra bucks. Heather Rae Young was no exception and in an interview withmotor trend, revealed what his early work entailed. It wasn't a piece of cake for Young, and her first job was as a waitress at a pizza restaurant.

As mentioned, Young lived very close to the San Bernardino National Forest, so skiing was top of mind. Her second job, she revealed, was as a ticket inspector for Snow Valley Ski Resort. Before taking the plunge and moving away from her hometown, she also worked as a video store. But Young knew that staying in Running Springs was not for her long term. "I moved as soon as I turned 18," she says. "Although Running Springs is a great place to raise a family, I knew I wanted more and to get it I had to get off the mountain." Young moved to Redlands, California, and her career took off from there.

This motivated Heather Rae Young to pursue a modeling career.

A cornerstone of "Selling Sunset" is the glamorous looks and lifestyles of real estate agents. But before Heather Rae Young was called to the lights of the Sunset Strip, she pursued a career as a model. What drew you to this job in the first place? she saidmotor trendwho saw his first issue of Playboy magazine at the age of 14. She belonged to a friend's father at the time and she was in awe of the beauty he saw and wanted to look for the same for her. "It sounds stereotypical, but I thought Playmates were the most beautiful women in the world," she told MotorTrend. "I admired them and wanted to be as glamorous and sexy as they were."

After promising to land a job with the famous publication, Young worked on her modeling skills and landed jobs, but it wasn't until she started working with photographer Josh Ryan that she consciously took the Playboy approach. She got a manager, an agent and finally felt ready to send her recordings to the empire run by Hugh Hefner.

Heather Rae Young got a job at this legendary magazine

Heather Rae Young made it to Playboy through a lot of hard work, research, and a willingness to be photographed. As noted in itplayboy website, Young discovered that an incredible magazine opportunity was just around the corner, and he launched into consideration. "One day I went online and found out about the 55th anniversary casting call at the Playboy Mansion in 2008," she said. "I freaked out because I think every girl's dream is to walk into the mansion and see what it's like. So I did." And the decision paid off, as Young received a callback and went on to model for PlayboyGirls. com.

When her modeling career took off so quickly, Young said, "It happened so fast, I'm flabbergasted." to see (not surprising given her Playboy history). She was a featured model in an ad campaign for the clothing line Affliction and went on to model for other clothing lines, including DSO Eyewear, 7 Til Midnight Lingerie, Carrie Amber Lingerie, Superstar Swimwear and Calao Swimwear, as she noted.IMDb.

Heather Rae Young caused a sensation in the modeling world when she was cast in this centerfold look.

The modeling world has a few publications that really stand out from the rest: Vogue, Sports Illustrated, and of course, Playboy. Heather Rae Young may be known as a successful real estate agent these days, but before she was known as Miss February: she was the Valentine's Playmate in an entire Playboy centerfold. Young, who was 22 at the time, was delighted with her performance as a model and told her so.Playboywho could never have imagined doing such a feat in the industry. "I'm very excited to represent the month of love because I have a lot of love in my life," she said. "I loved Playboy growing up in these mountains and now look at me: I'm Miss February! Unbelievable."

Young shared the process of becoming one of the magazine's iconic centerfold models.motor trendthat it was "a great honor" to be selected for the year-round feature by Hugh Hefner himself. "I felt like I dreamed everything, but when I found out I was going to be Miss February, it meant a lot to me," he said of the experience. "One of my lifelong dreams came true."

After her modeling career, Heather Rae Young turned to acting.

Like many people in and around Los Angeles, Heather Rae Young turned her attention to the entertainment industry. While she found great success as a model, getting in front of the camera seemed like a natural progression. In fact, her path as an actress crossed that of some very successful actors, including Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rose Byrne, Keith David, and Sheryl Lee Ralph. She even had a guest appearance in the TV series 'Until I Die'.IMDb.

Although he admitted in an interview withwomen fitnessAdmitting that being an actress wasn't a dream come true for her, she admitted that she enjoyed exploring it, more to add to her ever-expanding resume of course. "I was basically thrown into acting," Young said of her on-screen career. "Not my passion, but I enjoyed it. I went to a reputable theater school for about three years, worked on some great sets and movies alongside Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, but once I stopped loving it, I stopped auditioning. and moved on to other things that I enjoyed."

Heather Rae Young's career intersected with these two legendary late-night hosts

While it may not surprise you now to learn that Heather Rae Young was interviewed, you might be surprised to find out that her paths crossed with two of the most famous late-night show hosts even before she was on Selling Sunset. Yes, that's right, Young appeared on The Tonight Show when it was hosted by Jay Leno, and she appearedJimmy Kimmels Late-Night-Show, a.

in it sitting withwomen fitness, spilled over experiences. “It was a lot of fun and stressful to do a live sketch. And they did not tell me in advance what I would do or what I would read. So it was all on a whim," Young shared of the experience. "When I walked offstage I was like, 'Am I passing out?' because I don't remember what I said. But I did it right! We were also surprised to learn that Young struggled with what sounded like improv comedy, but given how fast-paced he was during "Selling Sunset." his stage-presence is not particularly impressive.

Heather Rae Young entered the real estate industry at age 20

So Heather Rae Young got into modeling, transitioned into entertainment, and then set her sights on real estate. Young, of course, had a knack for captivating people based on her years in the spotlight, so turning her attention to multi-million dollar home sales isn't as far-fetched as she might think. As reported byscreen rantYoung received his real estate license in 2014 and quickly made a name for himself in his new industry.

Young called it a very natural progression in his career, describing the move as a positive change in his life that he has certainly benefited from. "Real estate felt like a good transition for me because I've met a lot of people and I'm very good at building relationships and socializing," he said, as noted bypopsugar. "A couple of friends suggested it to me, and I originally said no. But you know what? I did! I sold a $7.2 million house and a $1.5 million condo."

Heather Rae Young joined the Oppenheim Group in 2015

After making a splash in the real estate industry, Heather Rae Young became a prominent real estate agent with a successful firm behind her. Yes, we are talking about them.Oppenheim Group, the focus of the hit series “Selling Sunset.” Of course, Young joined the company before the show started. Not only that, but she was extremely happy to defend her and the company's real estate record when she was questioned by none other than Chrissy Teigen.

Teigen took to Twitter and said that in all her years in real estate in and around Hollywood, she had never heard of the Oppenheim Group agents. Young did not have it. "My answer to that is that I have had my real estate license since 2014. I have been with The Oppenheim Group since 2015. I sold my first home within three months of receiving my license... you can look up proof," he said. , as pointed outAND! News. She went on to say that she and other agents had been in the business "almost six years" when Teigen delivered her critique. "Maybe just because she doesn't know us doesn't mean we're not real estate agents," Young replied, clapping her hands.

Heather Rae Young starred in the hit series Selling Sunset

Heather Rae Young's stunning transformation - The List (12)

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Many of us are familiar with the star power of Heather Rae Young from her role on the hit Netflix show Selling Sunset. Young repeatedly demonstrated that she had what it takes to succeed in the office, and unlike other agents, she was quite welcoming to newcomer Chrishell Stause, who was the main plot point in Season 1. And, while we're at it, in the issue, keen fans of Selling Sunset season 1 will recall that during the first few episodes, Young was in a long-distance relationship with international hockey player Nick Ebert.screen rant. His FaceTiming even got in the way of one of his big sales, which wasn't the best look for the prospective agent.

Of course, Young fell out of favor in season 1 when she appeared on the coveted $40 million list without her client, which was just as embarrassing for her as it was for her boss, Jason Oppenheim. While most of the drama in season 1 took the form of the budding feud between Stause and Christine Quinn, Young was there to witness it all. Also, her personal life would soon take a turn that would impact Season 2.

Heather Rae Young was still with her ex when this TV personality asked her out

Heather Rae Young's stunning transformation - The List (13)

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The long-distance relationship between Heather Rae Young and her boyfriend was definitely a defining feature of “Selling Sunset” season 1, and it turns out that their relationship also prevented now-fiancé Tarek El Moussa from dating her, whom she initially wanted. as she pointed outPeople, El Moussa asked Young out on a date, but she responded by saying that she had a boyfriend, so her efforts ended, or so she thought. El Moussa recalled meeting Young again with some friends, asking her out again and luckily for him (because getting turned down not once but twice is kind of gross) she said yes.

The two were first spotted as a couple over a Fourth of July weekend in Redondo Beach, California, and soon went social media official, which is basically like announcing your engagement right now. "My heart is so full and happy," Young wrote on Instagram about her new husband. "Sometimes someone walks into your life and you know they're supposed to be there." Young and El Moussa got engaged in July 2020, as she notedPeopleAt that time.

Heather Rae Young became the fiancée and stepmother of Tarek El Moussa's children

Heather Rae Young's stunning transformation - The List (14)

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Heather Rae Young went from Playboy model to actress, real estate agent, and reality TV star, and now she can add another defining factor to the list: stepmom. Her fiancé, Tarek El Moussa, has two children with his ex-wife Christina Haack, and as such, Young has stepped in as an "additional mother" to children Taylor and Brayden. as she pointed outPeople, El Moussa finalized her divorce from Haack in 2018, and Young has been almost a major figure ever since.

As for their wedding plans, El Moussa and Young have revealedentertainment tonightwho hope to get married in the summer of 2021 (but since this story was published in August 2021, they better hurry or summer will be over). Young said they are still between making a decision on the location, but have narrowed it down to either California or Cabo. It has been reported that Young has her wedding dress, her sister will be her bridesmaid and El Moussa's children will be part of the day. However, the couple has one rule regarding their upcoming nuptials: no exes at the nuptials.

Heather Rae Young to Open New Oppenheim Office in Newport Beach

Heather Rae Young's stunning transformation - The List (15)

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Heather Rae Young will have one more line to add to her resume. as she pointed outFox News, Young plans to open the new Oppenheim Group office in Newport Beach, California. No doubt the relocation will be a welcome change for Young since his fiancé lives in Orange County, California; If we're talking about Los Angeles traffic, that 45-mile drive can take up to two and a half hours.

But do not worry. Young will continue to be a part of "Selling Sunset" as he plunges "into the Orange County office" with the new opportunity. Jason Oppenheim, who called the move "a long time coming."Top Selling Agent at The Oppenheim GroupHe seemed very supportive of Young and the new company. "Heather will be working in this office and my best friend will be running the office," Oppenheim said. “The office we are looking at is crazy. I mean it's crazy. So I hope to sign the lease soon." How does the potential new Newport Beach office fit into the existing Oppenheim Group and Selling Sunset space? We just have to wait for them.new seasondiscover.


Does Heather Rae have a child? ›

Heather Rae El Moussa is a mom! The "Selling Sunset" star welcomed her first child, a son named Tristan Jay El Moussa, with husband Tarek El Moussa on Jan. 31. The couple's son joins Tarek's two other children, Taylor and Brayden El Moussa, from his previous marriage to "Flip or Flop" star Christina Anstead.

Did Heather Rae have her baby? ›

(CNN) Congratulations are in order for Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young, who have welcomed their first child together. The stars of the real estate reality show "The Flippin' El Moussas" announced the birth on Thursday with a joint Instagram post of their hands resting on their newborn son's chest.

Why is Heather Rae Young's voice so raspy? ›

Some may have noticed the my voice issues when watching #Sellingsunset and #flipping101 but on the road to recovery." In late 2021, Heather revealed to fans that she had to be on bed rest and vocal rest for three months due to inflammation and calluses on her vocal cords.

Did Heather Rae change her engagement ring? ›

The original band, which was “minimalist,” has been replaced by one that features “miniature versions of emerald-cut diamonds placed around the ring,” Hollywood Life reports.

Why did Heather do IVF? ›

Heather shared that when she was in her 20s, she found out she had a low egg count, therefore she made the decision to freeze some eggs and undergo IVF treatments in hopes to add a baby to their family. "It's definitely been rough," Heather admitted of the IVF treatments.

Did Heather have a surrogate? ›

Young reveals that she does not plan to use a surrogate and wants to carry her own child if she is “able” to.

How long has Heather Rae been vegan? ›

In her downtime, the Southern California native shares her love of plant-based living, cooking, and all the tips she's amassed in her 12 years being vegan to her more than 2.8 million Instagram followers.

What surgery did Heather get? ›

Heather Rae Young revealed on Wednesday that she recently had vocal cord surgery. The Selling Sunset star shared an image of herself in a hospital bed as she said her husband Tarek El Moussa had been 'amazing' when taking care of her post op.

Who has had vocal cord surgery? ›

Singers known to have their vocal nodules surgically treated are Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith, Tove Lo, Adele, Björk, Shirley Manson, Keith Urban, John Mayer and Rod Stewart. Julie Andrews is well known for her singing voice being permanently damaged by the surgery.

Did Heather have a nose job? ›

(I did my nose two months before I met Josh.) It's less alcohol, wearing SPF, healthier habits, and better [makeup]," Heather explained, adding a lipstick emoji.

How many carats is Heather Rae Young's ring? ›

Before giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at their engagement shoot on Thursday, the Selling Sunset star, 33, revealed that she had received a "breathtaking" new band for her 8-carat diamond ring.

How many carats is Heather Rae Young's engagement ring? ›

The specs: A colorless, eight carat, emerald cut diamond

Heather spilled new details about her stunning engagement ring over the weekend on Instagram. Tarek chose a colorless, eight carat (a lucky number), emerald cut (her favorite cut) diamond for her. The single stone is set on a gold band.

Why did Meghan Markle redesigned her engagement ring? ›

The Sussexes' son was born on May 6, and the Trooping of the Colour was one of the first times Meghan had been seen in public since giving birth. Since she hadn't been wearing any rings during her pregnancy, it made sense her fingers had swollen and therefore she needed a new ring.

Does Heather have any kids? ›

Tarek El Moussa, Heather Rae Young of 'Selling Sunset' welcome child together: See first pic. Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa have welcomed their first child together! The couple announced the news Thursday in a joint Instagram post, in which they shared a photo of the newborn in their hands.

Does Heather have a kid? ›

The "Selling Sunset" star is expecting a baby boy with husband Tarek El Moussa in early 2023. Heather Rae El Moussa is ready to meet her baby boy. On Monday, the “Selling Sunset” star, who is expecting her first child with husband Tarek El Moussa in early 2023, shared a photo in which she is seen cradling her belly.

Why does Heather El Moussa need IVF? ›

Heather shared that when she was in her 20s, she found out she had a low egg count, therefore she made the decision to freeze some eggs and undergo IVF treatments in hopes to add a baby to their family. "It's definitely been rough," Heather admitted of the IVF treatments.

Is Tarek El Moussa's wife having a baby? ›

The pair, whose HGTV series 'The Flipping El Moussas' debuts next month, tied the knot in 2021.


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