IKEA Buy Back & Revell - Sustainable furniture (2023)

Why is IKEA evolving its service offering?

At IKEA, we always offer a range of services to make our customers' lives easier and more sustainable. It is this kind of focus and mindset that will help us achieve our goals of becoming a circular business, keeping people and planet positive. IKEA wants to make sustainable living easy and affordable for everyone.

What is the rebuy and resell service?

The Buy Back & Revell service allows us to help customers extend the life of their furniture and promote sustainability and affordability. We buy back used IKEA furniture from our customers in exchange for IKEA store credit. These items are available for resale in our area as is, providing an even cheaper option for many people. This service is currently available at participating IKEA stores:

  • atlanta
  • baltimore
  • Bolingbrook
  • Burbank
  • Canton
  • Carson
  • centenary
  • charlotte
  • college park
  • colombo
  • Conshohocken
  • Costa Mesa
  • covina
  • Belt
  • East Palo Alto
  • Isabel
  • Emeryville
  • fishermen
  • Frisco
  • great prairie
  • live oak
  • Big Island
  • Memphis
  • merriam
  • norfolk
  • oak brook
  • Paramus
  • Philadelphia
  • pittsburgh
  • Portland
  • Renton
  • round rock
  • San Diego
  • Schaumburg
  • Stoughton
  • Tempe
  • Chester occidental
  • West Sacramento
  • wooden bridge

How it works?

AboutIKEA-USA.com/buyback, first fill out the repurchase and resale form. This form will ask you questions about the condition of the IKEA furniture you would like to resell. You need an IKEA Family member account number to complete the form. After completing the repurchase and resale form, you will receive an email with your quote. Take a copy of your quote and your fully assembled furniture to your participating IKEA by logging in through Returns and Exchanges. To find out more about the IKEA Family program or to register for free, visitikea.com/us/en/ikea-family/.

When will my store participate?

Our ambition is for all stores to participate in Buy Back & Resale one day. However, if your store is not included to participate in this service, it may be due to certain local/provincial/state laws that place restrictions on all businesses. Our US Legal and Public Affairs teams will continue to address stores where we are not yet able to operate, and we will update you as soon as anything officially changes. We are working on the process for the following stores:

  • brooklyn
  • Jacksonville
  • Las Vegas
  • miami
  • new shelter
  • orlando
  • San Luis
  • Sunrise
  • tampa
  • twin cities

Where is this service available?

The Buy Back & Revell service is available at participating IKEA stores above.

Do customers have to be members of IKEA Family to participate?

Yes. We like to show our IKEA family members special appreciation by offering exclusive benefits and discounts. This service is offered to our IKEA Family members as one of the exclusive benefits. To find out more about the IKEA Family program or to register for free, visitikea.com/us/en/ikea-family/

Why does IKEA want to buy back my product?

At IKEA, we continually explore new ways to make the things we love last longer. By giving your product a new life and a new home, we hope to make sustainability accessible and convenient for many people.

How will I know how much my sale is worth?

All products are reviewed based on their condition, age, and functionality. When you complete the online form, you will receive an initial quote by email based on the information provided; bring it with the product fully assembled to participating IKEA returns and exchanges. Once inside, check in and a co-worker will check your product one more time in person to confirm the status.

Do I have to fill out the online form or can I just introduce myself?

You will need to complete the online form and receive a quote to resell your product before going to the store to resell it. You can only bring your furniture sold to a participating IKEA store.

What if I am not satisfied with my product review?

All products are reviewed based on their condition, age, and functionality. However, if our evaluation of your IKEA product does not match the information you provided on the online form, or if you are not satisfied with our online or in-store buyback offer, you do not need to proceed with the buyback transaction.

What happens if a product cannot be resold?

There are times when we can't buy your product back because we can't resell it. You can take the product home. Or if you choose not to participate in the Buy Back & Revell program and don't want to return it home, IKEA can recycle or dispose of it in accordance with our zero landfill policy.

What types of products are eligible?

The Buy Back & Revell service is only available for IKEA furniture for personal use. Furniture must be fully assembled and fully functional. IKEA cannot accept any product that has been hacked, modified or altered in any way.

Eligible products include:

  • Office cabinets with drawers, small frames with drawers, display cabinets, sideboards
  • bookshelves and shelves
  • small tables
  • multimedia furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Dining tables and desks
  • Upholstered chairs and stools

What are the circumstances in which IKEA cannot accept the return of my product?

The Buy Back & Revell service is only available for IKEA furniture for personal use. Furniture must be fully assembled and fully functional. IKEA cannot accept any product that has been hacked, modified or altered in any way. We currently only accept products listed on the repurchase and resale form.

Products that have been recalled are not eligible for Resale and Resale, but you may be entitled to a full refund by returning them to your nearest IKEA store. To know more visithttps://www.ikea.com/us/en/customer-service/product-support/recalls/

The following product categories are currently not eligible for the rebuy and resell service:

  • Non-IKEA products
  • Home decoration accessories including lighting and textiles.
  • Add units and components
  • Products that have been used outdoors, including outdoor furniture.
  • Mattresses and bedding (such as blankets and mattress pads)
  • Kitchens including countertops, cabinets and fronts
  • Modular cabinets and accessories
  • Appliances/products
  • “Hacked” players, modified or painted products
  • unassembled products
  • Market products (including small kitchen utensils, artwork, rugs, and picture frames)
  • Upholstered or leather products
  • sofas or armchairs
  • plants
  • Items containing glass (including mirrors)
  • Baby and infant products (such as cribs, mattresses, and changing tables)
  • beds and box springs

Will you match the price that I can sell my furniture for on a third party site like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist?

Unfortunately, we won't be matching third-party sites because all products are checked for condition, age, and functionality. You do not have to return the product if you are not satisfied with the price offered, either in response to the online form or the quote in the store.

I can't find my product in the online form. Can I still participate in the Buy Back & Revell service?

We are currently accepting a limited range of IKEA products as listed on the form. If the product is not listed on the Repurchase and Resale Form, we cannot accept it.

Will IKEA pick up my product(s) at my address?

We currently do not offer a pick up service for repurchasing and reselling. We ask that you bring the product fully assembled so that we can properly evaluate it on site. We will not be able to accept the product unless it is fully assembled.

Why is it necessary to assemble the products?

To accept the Buy Back product, the IKEA associate must confirm the condition of the product and that it works as expected. This includes all components and parts. We cannot accept pirated, modified or incomplete products.

Will IKEA help me unload large items from my car?

IKEA and coworker carts are available to help you unload fully assembled large or heavy items from your vehicle. When you arrive at your participating IKEA, follow the signs, park in the loading zone and enter through Changes and Returns.

Where do I go when I arrive at IKEA?

Once you arrive at your participating IKEA, follow the signs to the Returns and Exchanges entrance. Once inside, follow the prompts and sign in.

Where can I use my IKEA Store Credit and where does it expire?

You can use Store Credit for any purchase at any IKEA store or online in the US Store credit doesn't expire, so you can save it to buy something you love. Unfortunately, we can't replace your store credit if you lose it, so please keep it safe.

Can customers buy merchandise from the Buyback Service?

Yes. Sellable products will be available for sale in the section as is, in an area indicated by Buy Back & Revell signs and furniture tags.

Can customers return Reseller merchandise?

Unfortunately, resale products are excluded from the Return Policy. However, resale items are eligible to participate in the repurchase and resale service.


Does IKEA have a Buyback? ›

With Buyback & Resell, you sell us used IKEA furniture you don't need in a safe, streamlined way year-round. You'll get IKEA in-store credit to refresh your home. Someone else buys your old stuff second hand from us and gives it a new home.

Will IKEA take back built furniture? ›

Can I return a product that I have already opened or assembled? At IKEA, it's OK to change your mind. Sometimes what seemed perfect for your home, office or garden, just isn't. Returning a product to us is convenient and hassle-free, no matter how or where it's bought.

Can IKEA products be resold? ›

We will buy it back from you to give it a second life. You will receive a store credit in the form of an IKEA refund card and we will re-sell your furniture in As-Is. We know you are excited to refresh your space and start something new, so keep in mind: Your furniture must be fully assembled with no missing parts.

Do I have to take apart IKEA furniture to return it? ›

There are no returns on cut fabric, wooden blinds cut to size, pillows, quilts, or goods ordered to your specification (such as custom-made benchtops), or products sold in the AS-IS area if you simply change your mind or make a wrong selection. So yes you can return it assembled.

Can I return to IKEA after 2 years? ›

Our IKEA 365-day return policy will enable you to return or exchange your item(s) within 365 days. Please bring the product with the receipt to your local IKEA store to help you further.

What is IKEA repurchase rate? ›

As new – no scratches: 50% of the original price. Very good – minor scratches: 40% of original price. Well-used – several scratches: 30% of original price.

How to return built furniture to IKEA? ›

We think everyone should be able to test out any product, so we give you 365 days to return an opened IKEA product – even if you've assembled it. Simply present your proof of purchase to walk away with a full refund.

What does IKEA take back? ›

How Buyback & Resell works at IKEA. Determine what you want to resell. Only unmodified, completely assembled second hand IKEA furniture is accepted for buy back at IKEA. Refer to the lists of eligible/ineligible products.

Can I exchange the old sofa in IKEA? ›

In-store exchanges

Exchange items at any IKEA store by bringing your merchandise, photo ID, receipt (or online order confirmation) and the card you used for the purchase. Returns are not accepted at IKEA Planning Studio or IKEA Pick Up Point locations.

What can you not return to IKEA? ›

– Plants: These cannot be returned. – Cut Fabric: Measure twice, cut once as cut fabric cannot be returned. – Custom Countertops: These also cannot be returned. – As-is Products: These usually are sold at a discount and hence cannot be returned.

What does IKEA do for sustainability? ›

Less waste with rechargeable batteries

99.5% of the wood used for IKEA products is either Forest Stewardship Council®-certified (FSC®) or recycled.

What if IKEA is not happy with product? ›

Yes, if you're not totally satisfied you can return products within 365 days of purchase. Please note: Refunds will always be made back to the original method of purchase. We will give you a full refund when products are returned to us with proof of purchase in new, unused and re-saleable condition, with the packaging.

How much does IKEA charge for return pickup? ›

Return item — Steps to follow:

You should receive a call from Ikea customer service for closure of this within 2 days. If not, followup on the same email OR call the customer case again to follow up. You will be charged Rs. 199 for arranging the return pickup and requested to pay immediately via IVR.

Is it easy to return items to IKEA? ›

At IKEA we make returning products easy. You have a full 365 days to return a product, unopened, opened or even fully assembled. You can return the product to any IKEA store, even if you purchased it at another IKEA store or at IKEA.be. Things will go even more smoothly if you can present a proof of purchase.

Does IKEA have a lifetime return policy? ›

It's OK to change your mind!

If you're not totally satisfied with your IKEA purchase you can return new and unopened products within 365 days, together with your proof of purchase, for a full refund. You may also return open products within 180 days, with your proof of purchase, for a full refund.

Can I return a used product to IKEA? ›

With the Buyback and resell service, we help you prolong the life of your IKEA furniture. We buy back your used furniture items in return for an IKEA refund card.

Can you return IKEA items that have been opened? ›

If you don't have the packaging or if you have already assembled your item, it is still eligible for returns as the product is in undamaged and resaleable condition. You can return your products within 365 days.

How do you calculate repurchase? ›

To calculate repurchase rate, divide the number of customers who have purchased more than once by the total number of customers over the same time period.

What is a good repurchase rate? ›

Variables aside, ecommerce industry experts suggest that a good repurchase rate lands between 20-40%, which makes for a healthy business. Again, this is a rule of thumb to help you set benchmarks. The most important thing is that you experience growth.

Why does IKEA keep raising prices? ›

It's more important than ever before, as many people face rising living costs and increased inflation. We are not immune to the economic challenges facing businesses, retailers, and many people. To ensure our longevity as a business and employer, we have adjusted our prices to help address increased costs.

What happens if you break IKEA furniture while building it? ›

If you accidentally break your product during assembly and have scanned your IKEA Family loyalty card at the time of purchase, you can bring your product back to an IKEA store within 14 days from the date of purchase to receive a replacement. The product can be assembled or disassembled.

What if I break my IKEA furniture while assembling? ›

My product broke when I was transporting/assembling it, can I get it replaced? When you scan your IKEA Family membership at the checkout you'll receive free Oops-assurance*. Then, if something breaks during transport or while you assemble your IKEA furniture, we'll exchange it for free.

When did IKEA change return policy? ›

I just noticed the US return policy was changed effective October 22, 2020. The IKEA US website states that new & unopened products can be returned within 365 days. Open products must be returned within 180 days.

Can you return assembled furniture to IKEA Reddit? ›

They won't take it back if it is still assembled. You must disassemble it, package it again in the original packaging, and show the receipt.

How do I exchange an IKEA product? ›

Customer needs to contact Customer Support Center through chat or call. We will need customers to share the pictures of the articles for us to initiate exchange or refund and the proof of purchase (invoice). Customer can also connect to Customer Support Center through filling up this returns form.

Does IKEA furniture fall over? ›

"IKEA believes that the risk of tip-over incidents is reduced when chests of drawers and other select clothing storage units are properly attached to the wall." Virtually all dressers have the potential to tip, but Ikea's have proved particularly hazardous, a USA TODAY investigation found.

Should I sell my furniture or give it away? ›

Selling your stuff is only worth it if you make a decent profit. It'll take more time than you realize to price and ship your items. If you don't have the time or your items aren't worth a whole lot, donating is always a great option.

Does Amazon buy used furniture? ›

Yes, absolutely. You simply need to ensure that your furniture is in good condition and meets all of Amazon's criteria for selling used items, as well as upload clear photos of your furniture to gain customer trust and clarity.

Is there money in selling furniture? ›

A furniture flipping business can be incredibly profitable, and it's a great way for you to earn some extra cash on the side — or even replace your current income. Restoring and reselling used furniture is also an excellent means to build up capital to start your own Amazon or ecommerce business.

Do I have to return items to the same IKEA? ›

You can return your item to any IKEA store with proof of purchase and ideally with the original packaging. Obviously many items sold by IKEA are large so may require a pickup, which they are able to arrange for you - but this option is not available in all areas so you will need to contact IKEA.

What is IKEA's sustainability controversy? ›

Ikea likely to have sold furniture linked to illegal logging in forests crucial to Earth's climate, report says. The report criticized an international green organization that gave its seal of approval to a Russian logging firm with a record of flouting forestry laws.

Does IKEA sell sustainable products? ›

Check out some of our affordable sustainable products and home accessories so you can create less waste, use less energy, reduce food waste, reduce your carbon footprint and make an impact with more sustainable living.

What does IKEA stand for? ›

IKEA is named after the initials of founder Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd, the farm on which he grew up, and Agunnaryd, the nearby village.

What is IKEA struggling with? ›

Swedish home furnishings giant IKEA says that despite “unprecedented challenges” caused by the war in Ukraine, supply chain disruptions, increased inflation and lingering fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 had been an “exceptional year.” ByThe Associated Press.

What was the main problem for IKEA? ›

The pandemic limited growth in FY21, and IKEA retail sales benefited as the world re-opened. On the other hand, inflation and supply chain issues impacted FY22 sales, and lead to rising costs and higher prices. That means sales have grown in money, but sales quantities have not kept up.

What is IKEA no nonsense policy? ›

I purchased a product from the As-is and it does not fit in my place, can I return it? All IKEA items are covered under our 365 day no-nonsense return policy, even if your items were purchased from the As-is.

How do I return a large IKEA item? ›

Our IKEA 365-day return policy means it's OK to change your mind, you can easily return an item for exchange or refund.
How to make a return at IKEA
  1. You have 365 days to do it.
  2. Bringing your receipt smooths the process.
  3. You can always return it to any IKEA store, no matter where you bought it.

Do I tip IKEA delivery person? ›

You are not required to tip IKEA delivery drivers at all. IKEA neither requires nor prohibits drivers from receiving tips. However, most people seem to tip their delivery servicemen between $5 and $20, based on the size and service of the delivery.

Is IKEA online the same as in the store? ›

We seek to match our prices online with those that you see in your local IKEA store, although prices may occasionally differ. While we strive for pricing precision, our online pricing may differ from your local store as it may occasionally have its own promotions.

Why do returns at IKEA take so long? ›

So what gives? We asked IKEA. "Generally speaking long wait times are attributed to customers not having their receipts so there is time spent researching their original order," said a company spokesperson.

Can you dismantle and rebuild IKEA furniture? ›

Although most IKEA furniture is flat-pack furniture, it's not designed to be disassembled after you assemble it for the first time. After you disassemble and reassemble a piece of furniture, the quality of the product can be degraded by creating more space between screw holes and parts than originally existed.

Can I return a built IKEA cabinet? ›

Can I return a product that I have already opened or assembled? It is possible to return an item that is open or assembled if the item is complete and clean. Remember to bring your receipt or proof of purchase to an IKEA store for your return.

What to do with damaged IKEA furniture? ›

Visit your closest store

Regardless of your issue, you can always visit your local IKEA store and we will find a solution for you. If your item is damaged, bring you damaged item and proof of purchase. If you are missing an item, bring you order confirmation.

Is it worth moving IKEA furniture? ›

Is IKEA Furniture Worth Moving? In most cases, yes. Unless you're lucky enough to find someone willing to buy it for top dollar, chances are you'll want to move it along with the rest of your household goods.

Can you sand and refinish IKEA furniture? ›

If the furniture is generally in good condition, lightly sand it with 240 grit sandpaper. Most Ikea furniture is made of laminate wood, which can be hard to work with but by sanding first, you'll find the job a doddle. After sanding, wipe down the furniture to get rid of the dust.

Can you disassemble IKEA furniture by yourself? ›

Our products are designed so that you can assemble them yourself. However, if you need help with installation at home or at your company, you can use our installation service.

Does IKEA return used items? ›

We buy back your used furniture items in return for an IKEA refund card. We then resell your second-hand furniture in our Buyback area or online, where it provides a chance for someone else to give it a second life at an affordable price.

Can you return built furniture to Amazon? ›

Furniture items are returnable for any reason within 30 days of receipt of shipment. If the item is damaged or defective, Amazon will help you solve the problem, or provide a free return or replacement. Contact the manufacturer directly for product registration and warranty-related information.

Why does IKEA furniture need to be fixed to the wall? ›

We all want our homes to be a safe place. But in our homes, accidents can put children at risk. By working together, we can help prevent these accidents and make the home a safer place. The best way to help prevent furniture tip-over accidents is to secure furniture to the wall.

Can you return half built IKEA furniture? ›

We do not accept returns on plants, cut fabric, custom countertops and as-is products. We are unable to refund or exchange your items if your merchandise is found to be modified from its original form when purchased, dirty, stained, or damaged. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Does IKEA accept damaged returns? ›

Damaged/Faulty part – You can take just the part and your receipt to an IKEA store and we will exchange this for you. Alternatively, you can return the entire item for an exchange or a refund. If you can't make it back to an IKEA store, you can contact us and we will discuss options with you.

How do I return something to IKEA without a receipt? ›

For assistance locating a copy of your receipt, please contact the IKEA US Customer Support Center at 1-888-888-4532. We'll need to know the exact date of the purchase, the IKEA location where the purchase was made, the total purchase price and the last 4-digits of the card number used for payment (if applicable).


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