Joe Trader's Best Desserts (2023)

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Joe Trader's Best Desserts (1)

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VonTaylor Rock|July 27, 2020 9:45 am EST

Trader Joe's dessert selection is spectacular, with candy bars, cookies, baked goods, and a freezer stocked with ice cream, popsicles, and other frozen treats. When you buy candy at TJ's, you don't want to waste your time on mediocre candy. These are some of the best Trader Joe desserts ever.

Deep dish chocolate chip cookie

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (2)

Pinar Istek/The Daily Meal

If youlike chocolate chip cookies, you need this dessert in your life. Trader Joe's Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie is a true innovation. The pot is big enough to serve 10 people, but once you've tasted it, you might not want to share it.

mini mint ice cream

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (3)

Melissa D./Yelp

If an Oreo anda bowl of mint ice creamhad a baby, that would be it. Trader Joe's Mini Mint Ice Creams contain a scoop or two of mint ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate wafer cookies.

Brooklyn Babka Chocolate

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (4)

Y Melissa D./Yelp

Even if it's on the shelfthis fan favorite grocery store, Brooklyn Babka Chocolate from Trader Joe's tastes like it's fresh out of the oven. It is soft and does not dispense with the chocolate. Cocoa perfection is guaranteed in every bite.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (5)

Pinar Istek/The Daily Meal

Of course, you can wait until you order a chain restaurant, but you don't have to - grab your chocolate lava cake from Trader Joe's Freezer anytime. All you have to do is pop one of these babies in the microwave and you have a moist, decadent chocolate cake in the comfort of your own home.

Danish Pretzels

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (6)

Pinar Istek/The Daily Meal

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If you're from the Midwest, Danish kringle is one of them.Dishes you always had on the breakfast table. Though seasonal, Trader Joe's version of the buttery puff pastry is almond-flavored and has quickly become a favorite with the store's customers.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (7)

Trader Joe's/Yelp

They're not Reese's, but the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are one of them.the Trader Joe items that customers love the most. Covered in dark chocolate, they are a little fancier than Hershey bonbons and have a rich, complex flavor.

Hold the cone!

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (8)

Melissa D./Yelp

Hold the cone! it's one of Trader Joe'spremium frozen foodsYear after year, and rightly so. The mini vanilla cones are chocolate coated inside and their small size is ideal when you don't want a full-sized treat.

lemon pie

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (9)

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The lemon pie is iconicto the Florida Keys, but if you're not in the Sunshine State, this is the next best option. Spicy and sour filling in a golden, flaky biscuit crust - this Key Lime Pie is an easy touchAmerica's most iconic cakesbecause Trader Joe's knows not to mess with a classic.

A dozen different macarons

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (10)

Loretta C./Yelp

These elegant French treats are one of the trendiest desserts around. In bakeries, a small macaron costs $4 or more. An entire box of Trader Joe's A Dozen Macarons Variés, containing two flavors of apricot, coconut, fig, salted caramel, lemon and pistachio, is just $4.99.

scandinavian swimmers

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (11)

Farnaz N./Yelp

Scandinavian swimmers are Trader Joe's not-so-subtle homage to Swedish fish, but for some TJ fans, they're even better.the popular sweet mainstream. The chewy, colorful confections are shaped like various sea creatures and are made with all-natural dyes.


Joe Trader's Best Desserts (12)

Pinar Istek/The Daily Meal

(Video) Kristin and Jen Try Every Trader Joe's Frozen Dessert • Ladylike

Joe-Joe's are Trader Joe's version in a chocolate cream sandwich cookie. Pair some of thesea glass of fresh milkor a bowl of vanilla ice cream and a delicious time is guaranteed.

Sea Salt and Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (13)

Myke Y./Yelp

The Dark Chocolate Almonds with Sea Salt and Turbinado Sugar are very appreciated for beingfull of healthy fatsmade from almonds and dark chocolate - and they are delicious. So what is turbocharged sugar? It's a type of raw sugar refined to a light brown color, and the crystals on the outside of these almonds make them 10 times tastier.

mochi cake mix

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (14)

Alyssa P./Yelp

Mochi is a Japanese treat made from rice dough, usually served on small stuffed pads filled with ice cream. Trader Joe's Mochi Cake Mix is ​​made with the same sweet rice flour, which makes it deliciously chewy.

Cold Brew Latte Dessertriegel

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (15)

Melissa D./Yelp

If you love coffee, you'll love Trader Joe's Cold Brew Latte Dessert Bars. Each bar is only 40 calories and has a nice rich coffee flavor ever since.real cold coffeeit's really the first ingredient.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (16)

Melissa D./Yelp

Could you go out of your way for one ofAmerica's Best Chocolate Shops– or you can just go to Trader Joe's. The chain's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels are soft buttery caramels covered in Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with crunchy rock salt.

mini mochi thai tea

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (17)

Kim H./Yelp

Trader Joe's Mini Mochi Thai Tea features a soft outer layer of rice flour mochi. Inside is a creamy coconut milk dessert, similar to an ice cream, flavored with a strong black tea from northern Thailand. For those with a sweet toothfor vegan dishes: This one is totally dairy free.

Neapolitanisches Joe-Joe's Ice Cream

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (18)

Pinar Istek/The Daily Meal

(Video) The BEST Trader Joe’s Desserts!

Seeing how much customers love Joe-Joe cookies, Trader Joe's has turned them into ice cream reminiscent oftricolor children's dessert. Napolitan Joe-Joe's Ice Cream features vanilla and strawberry ice cream with cookie and fudge pieces.

Jingle Jangle

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (19)

Kimberly J./Yelp

Jingle Jangle Is As Iconic For The Winter Holidays As It Isthe most popular christmas movie from the year you were born. This festive TJ treat features sweet ice cream topped with chocolate covered pretzels, peanut butter cups, red candy egg yolks and Joe Joe's cookies.

Crispy caramel and milk chocolate medallions

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (20)

Pinar Istek/The Daily Meal

Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Caramel Crunch Medallions are bite-sized waffle cookies covered in Belgian milk chocolate, filled with gooey caramel and sprinkled with sugared hazelnuts. At $2.99 ​​per case, this is one of them.the best finds at Trader Joe's for under $5.

Mini Stroopwafel ice cream sandwiches

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (21)

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The stroopwafel is such a popular caramel cookie that it's evencaused riots among the passengers. Trader Joe's brilliantly takes this cookie and Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches to their Mini Stroopwafel Ice Cream Sandwiches. The whole thing is a malty, oozing mess of caramel bliss.

cider donuts

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (22)

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cider donuts area regional dessert that everyone should try. In the fall, the orchards serve the best cinnamon-dusted cider donuts, but if you can't get to a quality apple orchard, Trader Joe's Apple Cider Donuts are your next best bet. Pair them with a tall glass of hot apple cider for an unbeatable fall experience.

Chocolate Chip Dunkers with chocolate coating

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (23)

Melissa D./Yelp

Trader Joe's Dunkers are biscuits molded into the perfect shape for dipping. There are some great flavors to these crunchy treats, but perhaps the best is the true classic: Chocolate-Covered Chocolate Chip Dunkers.

Sublime ice cream sandwiches

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (24)

Richard J./Yelp


Sometimes,Baked desserts are the best desserts, and there's nothing quite like a classic ice cream sandwich sitting just an arm's length away in the freezer. Trader Joe's attitude as advertised is great. Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches are made with soft chocolate chip cookies and a thick layer of vanilla ice cream, which is then topped with a layer of mini chocolate chips.

cookie butter

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (25)

Mark O./Yelp

Inspired by Belgian speculaas biscuits (a thin shortbread), speculaas biscuit butter can be used as a spreadthe final sandwich, baked with it, used as a topping on ice cream or, our favorite, eaten straight out of the cup with a spoon.

Cookie Ice Cream

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (26)

Ai M./Yelp

Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Ice Cream features chunks of Belgian speculaas cookies blended into rich vanilla ice cream, along with swirls of speculaas cookie butter. Creamy, crunchy, sweet and gooey - this dessert is decadence in the bowl.

Lemon Chess Pie

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (27)

Courtesy of Trader Joe's

When life gives you lemons, youdon't always have to make lemonade– You can have Lemon Chess Pie. This summer creation from Trader Joe uses sweet and sour lemon pudding in a shortbread crust.

vanilla egg bonbons

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (28)

Pinar Istek/The Daily Meal

The concept of these vanilla ice cream candies sounds simple, but it's surprisingly ingenious. Each bite is smooth vanilla ice cream with a layer of chocolate chip cookie crust, all dipped in chocolate.

about bananas

Joe Trader's Best Desserts (29)

Steve S./Yelp

Inside each box of Gone Bananas you'll find individual slices of frozen bananas covered in a generous layer of dark chocolate. Add some to a bowl of ice cream or opt for the strawberry variety. Both made our ranking ofbest trader joe frozen food ever.

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