Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (2023)

Red Dead-onlinehas a large variety of western weapons to choose from, each with its own unique purpose. From revolvers to repeaters, every weapon in itRed Dead-onlineis useful in its own right, but there are a few weapons that stand out above the rest. There are also multiple weapons in each class, so there's no shortage of firepower to choose from.


When crafting gear, players should keep in mind that they can hold multiple weapons at once, which means thinking about how each weapon covers the other's weaknesses. These are the best weapons to useRed Dead-onlinefor everything from bounty hunting to a series of showdowns.

Updated May 15, 2023 by Hodey Johns:With the latest patch and Rockstar's cessation of game updates, players may have felt that Red Dead Online was almost over. But the community keeps things alive and playing in the Wild West is now closer and more intimate than ever before. With no new content and probably no new balances or updates coming to Red Dead Online, it seemed like a good time to take a closer look at this list. The ranking has been constantly changing, but now the best weapons in the game should remain that way until the end of time or the servers shut down, whichever comes first. With that in mind, this list has been reviewed, modified and updated based on the final ranking, personal experience and professional reputation.

22 Pump gun

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (1)
  • Rang 1
  • 266 dollars

The pump shotgun can make other players disappear as quickly as the opponentthe player looks possessed. The shots aren't as strong as most other shotguns, but the reload time and capacity give this a durability that other shotguns often lack.

21 Double barrel shotgun

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (2)
  • Pozvoni 30
  • 185 dollars

It's hard to get a double-barreled shotgun that's just a tad strong. A single shotgun blast is usually enough to kill someone. Two is essentially slaughter at close range. Unless onethe hacker turns the player into a UFO, the enemy player won't last long here at close range.

20 Rolling block rifle

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (3)
  • Rang 1
  • 411 dollars

The main drawback of Rolling Block is that it can only be fired when in range. Not good against fast moving targets, but good for semi-stationary targets on the horizon. Hey, that's what sniper rifles should be used for. Do not forgetcatch all farm animalsalive and not using this excessive machine.

19 Vulcan rifle

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (4)
(Video) 22 Best Weapons in Red Dead Online and how to get them
  • Pozvoni 21
  • 275 dollars

There are two ways to deal with cheaters. Orsend the hackers on their way smartlyor toast them with Volcanic.

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The Volcanic has a bit more firepower, but fires a bit slower than the standard Cattleman's Revolver.

18 Evans Repeater

  • Rang 1
  • 300 dollars

With an impressive 26-round capacity, the Evans Repeater can destroy huge groups of enemies without reloading. It's an ammo dump, but finding cover to reload safely shouldn't be a problem, and the power and accuracy of this weapon help take down enemies without taking too many shots. Just don't point it at pets,the horses are already scared enoughas if it is.

17 Sawed off shotgun

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (6)
  • Rang 19
  • 111 dollars

Anyone who doesn't play at a high level underestimates the double power of Sawed-Off Shotguns. Basically, players carry two weapons and their melee weapon. Their two main weapons are wisely built for medium and long range. This leaves the close range damage gun to work and nothing does better at close range than this one. With incendiary ammunition,lobbies can be warmbut this weapon is hot.

16 A stone axe

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (7)
  • gameGrand Theft Auto online
  • Kill or kidnap all five of Maude's targets
  • Collect the stone axeGrand Theft Auto online
  • Collect the stone axeRed Dead-online's cemetery

Thrown weapons can even cause western fightsfeel like Batman and Robin. It can be used as a melee or throwing weapon, which is especially handy when you're peeking around a corner and don't know if the enemy will be there or somewhere further away.

15 Springfield rifle

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (8)
  • Rang 38
  • 156 dollars

The concept of being able to stay in one place, lie low and shoot is new, but not entirely feasible. There won't be any fightweirdest duel ever.

(Video) 10 Best Weapons in Red Dead Online in 2023

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Snipers have had to evolve, especially given the hit-and-run nature of pulling off the perfect heist. The Springfield is incredibly accurate even when under fire, making it a good choice for mobile snipers.

14 Varmint rifle

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (9)
  • Rang 8
  • 72 dollars

Yes, some players will laugh at this video, but anyone who is broke won't be laughing for long. It is impossible to overthrow death without adequate funding. With a little money for upgrades and a lot of patience, hunting is the fastest way to make money. This is the perfect weapon for the job, just don'tdress like a hipsterand scare all the animals (and human players).

13 A repeating shotgun

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (10)
  • Rang 11
  • 434 dollars

The players who did itRed Dead-onlinefrom the start they are fully aware that snipers have ruled PvP since day one. Realizing that an advantage is needed for those brave enough to get up close, this weapon has been added for serious lethality.Some players will tie up. The rest can be shot with the Repeating Shotgun.

12 Semi-automatic pistol

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (11)
  • Pozvoni 22
  • 527 dollars

Those who work on levels and save money are in for a treat. The live action makes it difficult to find a perfect use for Deadeye in the game, but with two of these doers of death, it shines the most. The ridiculously high rate of fire is unmatched in rapid fire.Big beasts don't stand a chance.

11 Old Tomahawk

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (12)
  • Rang 36
  • $5.50

Most players will recognize the value of the Ancient Tomahawk when it takes down some of the most ferocious beasts in the game at once. It isway to deal with annoying playersright there.

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(Video) Top 10 BEST Weapons In Red Dead Redemption 2! (RDR2 Secret & RARE Guns)

They are difficult to target and use, but those who have played PvP at the highest level of the game will usually find someone using them and someone will usually win the match.

10 Litchfield repeater

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (13)
  • Rang 18
  • 348 dollars

With all the great repeater options out there, too many people ignore the Litchfield Repeater, especially given its winning reputation among the best players in the game. Yes, there are fewer recordings in it. Yes, it's too powerful to cleanly kill a flock of sensitive birds. But it isbad karma in the gamethat no one needs. Overkill against human controlled opponents is always welcome.

9 screw gun

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (14)
  • Rang 7
  • 216 dollars

The Bolt Action Rifle modifies the rate of fire and ammo capacity of the repeater for much higher damage and accuracy. Players can safely line up shots from a distance thanks to the longer range of this weapon, especially when aimed. The Bolt Action rifle is the deadliest in the showdown series.The best melee weapon in the gameI can't hold a candle to one of these explosions.

8 LeMat-revolver

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (15)
  • Rang 1
  • 317 dollars

Not only does the LeMat Revolver have a higher capacity than other weapons in its class, but it also contains a devastating secret. The LeMat revolver can fire 9 revolver rounds before needing to be reloaded, but also includes a second barrel that fires a single shell, which can surprise enemies.

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These weapons are incredibly powerful at close range, and the LeMat dual-swing revolvers allow players to destroy groups with ease. It is generally considered to be one of themthe best revolvers out there, especially in the hands of experts.

7 To take a bow

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (16)
  • Rang 10
  • 124 dollars

Many prefer to use a gunRed Dead-onlinefirefights, but a bow can be just as deadly, if not more so, in the right hands. Arrows deal massive damage to enemies, kill NPC characters with a single shot to the chest, and severely injure other players in a series of skirmishes.

(Video) Red Dead Redemption 2 - Hunting SIMPLE Guide! Best Weapons to Get Perfect Pelt for Every Animal!

Of course, the bow has a significantly slower rate of fire than most other weapons, but any sniper can use the bow's accuracy and different types of arrows to become a real threat. That's one thingan amazing bounty hunting experience.

6 Marine revolver

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (17)
  • Rang 1
  • 275 dollars

The Navy revolver doesn't have the fancy extras of the LeMat, but it's still a solid weapon to have in a holster. The Navy Revolver is a standard six-shot revolver, but it hits very hard. Not only that, but it also has incredible accuracy. Reticle bloom when using this weapon is minimal, making it easy to fire repeated shots. With such a beautiful weapon, it's easy to see whysome players are ridiculously dedicated to the game.

5 Carcano-geweer

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (18)
  • Rang 50
  • 456 dollars

When shooting a target from a distance, the Carcano rifle is a unique weapon. It's a sniper rifle, so it will beat any otherRed Dead-onlineranged weapon, and this is best used when dealing with other players.Cordial relations with older playersthey must settle for hot meals and cold drinks, all other interactions can be dealt with by this weapon.

4 Lancaster repeater

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (19)
  • Rang 12
  • 243 dollars

The Lancaster Repeater is the most reliable weaponRed Dead-onlinehas to offer. It doesn't do anything particularly well, but it also has virtually no downsides.

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It's also relatively cheap and available at low end, so almost everyone has one, even after that6000 hours of logging into the game.

3 Mauser pistol

Red Dead Online: 22 best weapons (and how to get them) (20)
  • Rang 34
  • 600 dollars

While the Mauser pistol may not do as much damage as a revolver, it makes up for the difference in other ways. It fires much faster than any revolver and also reloads faster without having to manually load each round. Combine its high rate of fire with relatively high accuracy and it's a recipe for one of the deadliest sidearms in the worldRed Dead-online. If the enemy is still alive after the clip from the Mauser, so be ittime to call Batman.

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