Top 15 Surrogacy Centers in India with High Success Rate 2021 - (2023)

Top 15 Surrogacy Centers in India with High Success Rate in 2021

Surrogacy in India has emerged as a promising option for couples struggling to start a family. Couples who have been married for a long time and are unable to conceive due to a certain medical condition may decide to move on to surrogacy treatments as they face the failure of other infertility treatments such as IUI and IVF. The prevalence of infertility cases varies across states and districts in the Indian context. According to a report released by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is believed that many infertile couples around the world are diagnosed with problems associated with primary infertility. Primary infertility refers to a population of women who have never conceived. The report also revealed that women can experience secondary fertility at any point in their lives, even after a successful first pregnancy. The reasons behind rising infertility rates in India are certain preventable lifestyle factors that can affect both male and female infertility rates in India. An alarming 45 percent of couples are struggling with infertility issues and the reason for the same is not just limited to women. The fact is, it takes two people for a successful pregnancy and no one person, whether male or female, can be held responsible for problems related to infertility. Surrogacy is an arrangement, usually supported by a legal agreement, whereby a woman (the surrogate mother) agrees to bear a child for another person or persons, who will become the child's parents after birth. Here you can find the list of top 15 Surrogacy Centers in India with Surrogacy Packages, Success Rates, Services and Jobs Fertility Specialists in India. The best surrogacy centers in India are chosen on the basis of success rates of surrogacy in India, quality of treatment, patient opinion, qualification of the doctor and accessibility of the location:

  1. Elixir Fertility Center (Best Surrogacy Center in India)
  2. Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Center (Best Surrogacy Center in India)
  3. Vins Fertility & IVF Center (Best Surrogacy Center in India)
  4. Akanksha IVF Center (Best Surrogacy Center in India)
  5. Aarush IVF and Endoscopy Center (Best Surrogacy Center in India)
  6. Morpheus Juhu Fertility Center (Best Surrogacy Center in India)
  7. New IVF (Best Surrogacy Center in India)
  8. IVF Spring Fertility Clinic (Best Surrogacy Center in India)
  9. Aakash Fertility Center & Hospital (Best Surrogacy Center in India)
  10. Indigo Womens Center (Best Surrogacy Center in India)
  11. Jananam Fertility Center (Best Surrogacy Center in India)
  12. Chennai Fertility Center (Best Surrogacy Center in India)
  13. Indira IVF (Best Surrogacy Center in India)
  14. Care IVF (Best Surrogacy Center in India)
  15. Maternity Fertility (Best Surrogacy Center in India)

1. Elixir Fertility Center, India (Best Surrogacy Center in India)

Elixir IVF Center is an independent IVF center in Delhi NCR with an excellent and experienced team of IVF specialists and embryologists, who can offer you the most advanced and effective procedures in IVF treatment. Our IVF specialists and embryologists have been trained and have worked in some of the best IVF centers in the world, including the UK, Germany, Singapore and India. The Elixir Fertility Center in Delhi aims to give you the best chance of having a healthy baby by providing a calm environment to make you feel at home. Our team of IVF experts, clinical and support staff are committed to providing you with the best possible care and advice you can trust. Elixir Fertility IVF Centre, a well-known IVF center in Delhi NCR offers a complete range of Assisted Reproductive Treatments in an environment of personalized care and empathy towards our patients. Our infertility center is staffed by the best infertility specialists in Delhi and abroad and is supported by fully equipped laboratory facilities including genetic counseling and testing. As our patient, you will be transparently guided in selecting options and developing your treatment plan. Elixir Fertility IVF Center is a specialist infertility treatment, comprised of a great mix of specialists with extensive experience (in the field of infertility and recurrent miscarriages) and the latest and most advanced treatment modalities. Our highly experienced team of IVF specialists and embryologists have been trained in several world-class infertility centers in different countries around the world such as Germany, UK, Singapore and India. Therefore, we give you the best chance of having a baby through IVF and other assisted reproduction techniques. We are one of the best IVF centers in Delhi with a great track record of highest pregnancy rates and live births. At Elixir Fertility, we strive to provide impeccable treatment and care in the field of IVF and other ART methods, so that all couples struggling to conceive get the best result at the most affordable cost. Our entire management team, including IVF specialists, embryologists and clinical staff, gives you the best chance of achieving a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby at the end of the treatment procedure.

2. Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Center, India (Best Surrogacy Center in India)

Delhi Fertility and IVF Research Center for Assisted Reproduction offers world-class treatment in India following all the advanced procedures, techniques and equipment, which have left a significant mark in their high success rate. Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Center has a team of IVF experts, Embryologists, Ultrasonologists and Andrologists. The Doctor. Anoop Gupta, who founded it, is an IVF specialist in reproductive medicine and technology and has completed 25 years of success in the field of assisted reproduction, reproductive medicine and reproductive technology with vast experience and to continue performing treatments. He now performs over 1,500 fertility treatment cycles each year, with an impressive success rate of 55-81%* (varies on a case-by-case basis). Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Center has successfully delivered over 11,000 healthy babies via ART. We have performed over 860 surrogacy procedures, 4,875 egg donation procedures, over 2,265 post-menopausal procedures, and over 2,800 twin babies. The Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Center in Delhi, India is a super specialist center that has all the facilities under one roof, dedicated exclusively to sterility and infertility treatment. Our approach is that each and every couple can experience and enjoy every moment of parenthood, because we believe that everyone deserves to have their own happy family. Delhi IVF is a clinic of high reputation, standards and is reputed to have the state of the art ART facilities and patient care services in the country. We have been recognized and recognized as one of the best by many breeding societies around the world such as in Southeast Asia, Europe, USA and many more. Our facilities and technologies are on par with the advanced techniques and technologies from around the world. Due to our expertise and high success rates, we can share our expectations and assure patients that all their needs will be met at our IVF clinic.

3.Vinsfertility Center, Delhi (Best IVF Center in Delhi)

  • Address and addresses:3rd Floor, WZ-20, Nangli Jalib, Janakpuri East, Nova Delhi, Delhi 110058
  • IVF Doctors: Dr. Sharma etc.
  • Cost of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): Rs. 114,000 to Rs. 253,000
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Cost: Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 44,000
  • Surrogacy cost: Rs. 1,080,000 to Rs. 1,760,000
  • Services offered: IVF, IUI, ICSI, surrogacy, infertility treatments, etc.
  • Reviews and rating: 4.6 – 348 Google reviews
  • Fertility success rate: 70%
  • Dial Free Consultation: +91 9643264509
  • Site web:

Vins IVF Center is a highly advanced IVF clinic in Delhi, aiming to provide “low cost blockbuster” fertility treatment. Our VISION is to set the benchmark in the field of fertility management globally through cutting edge technology, the most advanced treatment protocols and a highly acclaimed team of physicians, embryologists and support staff. Our MISSION is to achieve high success rates at the lowest cost through highly personalized fertility care, internationally accepted protocols and global best practices. We strongly believe in bringing transparency and honesty to fertility care in India. We do egg donation and surrogacy through our sister company WSC. This makes Vinsfertility a complete fertility center providing 360 degree fertility solutions under one roof. We are one of the few professionally managed and recognized health centers in India. Vinsfertility offers comprehensive solutions for infertility, surrogacy and test tube babies in India. Highly talented Vins IVF team. We work in the spirit of C-A-T. Compassion (C), Accountability (A), Transparency (T). We work tirelessly to make sure each of you comes back with a healthy baby. We understand that there can be no human emotion stronger than the desire to 'have your baby boy!' Vinsfertility is our effort to be part of your journey to parenthood.

doctor Sharma is a world-class senior fertility doctor and IVF consultant based in Delhi. After his MS in Obs. & Gynae., he completed a postdoctoral fellowship in reproductive medicine at one of India's leading assisted conception centers in Bangalore. As an IVF consultant in Delhi, she has extensive national and international (UK) experience of over 7 years exclusively in the field of reproductive medicine. It follows global treatment protocols to match international standards and achieve high success rates. As a test tube physician/IVF specialist, she has global exposure to the latest technologies and clinical practices adopted in the field of fertility and IVF. She specializes in managing all aspects of fertility including IVF, Surrogacy, Donor Cycles, ICSI, TESE, IUI, Surgical Procedures, etc. cases, cases of repeated IVF failures, recurrent miscarriages, etc. In addition to all this, she treats each couple with a high degree of responsibility, compassion and transparency. Hospitals with address, contact number, photos, maps. See at

4. Akanksha IVF Centre, India (Best Surrogacy Center in India)

Akanksha IVF center and our state of the art laboratory are motivated to make this life changing journey as simple and stress free as possible. Akanksha IVF was established in 2002 to provide the best possible outcome for every couple who seek our help. The Akanksha IVF center helps the patients to achieve fatherhood which is also incredibly important for increasing the chances of success and also for the support and future paths offered to the patient. Our main consultant, Dr. K.D Nayar, is a renowned name in the IVF field and a renowned infertility specialist with several years of experience, efficiency to get the job done. He also obtained prestigious training abroad. doctor K. D. Nayar is credited with numerous national and international awards. doctor K. D. Nayar leads the largest and most experienced team in Delhi, which includes 4 clinical consultants, 4 embryologists, counselors, andrologists and 18 staff, who are skilled enough to achieve top-notch results. Here, the couple is investigated to determine the various factors that somehow affect their ability to conceive. After a detailed anamnesis and physical examination, investigations are planned that may vary from couple to couple, helping to decide on the most appropriate treatment options among the various Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) available at Akanksha i. my. IUI, IVF (test tube baby), surrogacy services, egg sharing/donation and embryo freezing.

5. Endoscopy and IVF Center Aarush, India (Best Surrogacy Center in India)

At Aarush IVF & Endoscopy Center we have the right team: Dr. Mukesh Agrawal, Dr. Simi Kawar, Dr. Shilpa Saple, Mrs. Nidhi Agrawal and Mrs. Shreya Agrawal. At Aarush IVF, Mumbai, we aim to provide patient-focused fertility treatment with state-of-the-art ART facilities at an affordable cost. More than 20 years of experience in the field of IVF. Credited with the first test tube baby in the western suburbs of Mumbai. We believe that each case is unique, a complete assessment based on the patient's profile, the previous treatment is done, the necessary investigations are suggested and the treatment plan is adapted. ICMR Registered Fertility Center at Malad & Mira Road (Mumbai). FIQH accreditation in the Excellent category, ISO-2000 certified, training center recognized by FOGSI in Infertility and Endoscopy. We are a team of qualified doctors with more than two decades of experience and knowledge. The lowest IVF treatment costs with the best medical care to make it affordable for the common masses at our clinics. We offer cutting-edge technology that brings medical excellence with a human touch within every individual's reach.

Dr Mukesh Agrawal | director | MD, DNB, DGO, DFP, DICOG. The Doctor. Mukesh Agrawal completed his graduation from Seth G.S Medical College and K.E.M Hospital Mumbai. After gaining the skills needed to deal with infertility in the UK and Singapore, she founded her first company, New Hope Fertility and IVF Center, in 1998. She is credited with achieving the first successful IVF pregnancy in the western suburbs. In addition to regularly updating her knowledge by attending national and international conferences, she has conducted several CME and IUI and IVF training workshops. He has been invited to faculty at many conferences and debates. Her goal is to eradicate infertility, so she regularly runs IVF camps and makes them accessible to everyone. He is FOGSI certified for training in advanced Infertility and Endoscopy courses. He has trained more than 200 doctors across the country.

6. Morpheus Juhu Fertility Center, India (Best Surrogacy Center in India)

At Morpheus IVF, we offer world-class solutions for infertility treatments with the help of state-of-the-art tools and the expertise of leading German gynecologists and ingenious doctors to offer cost-effective and result-oriented plans to achieve the ideal result. Morpheus IVF is the leading chain of Indo-German fertility centers in India. Morpheus IVF is the first company to establish an organized chain of IVF clinics in India. Backed by the vast experience of our German doctors along with a team of leading Indian gynecologists, the fertility centers are among the best IVF clinics in India. India's team of gynecologists bring you over 100 years of experience in the field of fertility management. Morpheus IVF Embryology Laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment imported from leading suppliers around the world. Our IVF laboratories follow internationally accepted protocols and quality systems for handling eggs and sperm. We offer a unique program titled "Double Your Chances of Pregnancy" for IVF/ICSI treatment. It is a clinically results-oriented and cost-effective treatment plan. In this program, you get the second cycle at no additional procedural cost if the first cycle does not lead to a clinical pregnancy (conditions apply). Dr.Sheetal Sawankar is General Manager - Gynecology & Fertility at Morpheus Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. and also serves as the Medical Director of the Morpheus Juhu Fertility Center. She obtained her Diploma in Reproductive Medicine and Embryology from the International School of Medicine in Keil, Germany. She also completed her MSc in Reproductive Medicine from Homerton University Hospital Foundation Trust, London, UK. The Doctor. Sheetal has extensive experience managing a variety of fertility issues, including PCOS, endometriosis and recurrent implantation failure, with a special interest in minimal stimulation IVF and natural cycle IVF for patients with poor response.

7. New IVF Fertility, India (Best Surrogacy Center in India)

Nova IVF Fertility is the leading chain of IVF and fertility centers in India and has a vision to be best in class in the field of infertility treatments. Our core spirit is patient satisfaction and safety. Our mission is to provide standardized, high-quality fertility treatments in a cost-effective and transparent manner. With the vision of providing the best fertility treatment, all Nova IVF centers in India are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure. The cost of IVF treatment at Nova IVF fertility centers is affordable and fully transparent. Nova centers in India provide financial guidance and counseling to their patients. The team at the Nova IVF Fertility center in Kankaria is made up of highly qualified fertility consultants, in-house embryologists, clinical counselors and all the support staff who come together and strive to give you the best experience in everything related to your fertility treatment . . . This center has an andrology laboratory where semen samples are evaluated. The highly qualified team of counselors also offer counseling to all of their patients. New IVF also in following cities Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hisar, Hyderabad, Indore, Jalandhar, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Vijayawada.

8. IVF Spring Fertility Clinic, India (Best Surrogacy Center in India)

IVF Spring is one of the leading accredited fertility clinics founded in 2014 and located in the vibrant city of Mumbai. We are a renowned name in the Indian medical industry for the best IVF treatment in Mumbai; We specialize in all types of fertility treatments. Our center is led by acclaimed Dr. Anjali Deval, India's leading infertility specialist and gynecologist with over 15 years of experience, supported by a dedicated team of expert consultants, nurses, health assistants and embryologists. Dr. Anjali Deval with advanced technology has resulted in superior pregnancy success rates and healthier babies. Our doctors in Mumbai are the best in India for getting pregnant as they ensure that patients are taken care of individually; they are the best IVF doctors in mumbai. The best IVF clinic in Mumbai, IVF Spring Fertility Center also promises a whole new experience of peace of mind during infertility. IVF Spring understands your struggles with infertility, so we made sure to balance your optimism with realism.

doctor Anjali Ajit Deval is the director of the IVF Spring Fertility Center in Mumbai. With over 15 years of practical experience as an infertility specialist and gynecologist, she is a fertility specialist and under her guidance, the clinic has become a leading fertility center in Mumbai. He started the center in 2013. Before that, since 2013 he has worked in many top hospitals in Mumbai such as Fortis, Hiranandani Hospital, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. He completed his postgraduate degree from Sion Hospital, Mumbai University and did his MBBS from MGM University College of Indore. A very strong person academically, Dr. Anjali Deval has published many research papers and has written for Mid-Day for 5 long years where she has been advising people on infertility and gynecology. He has also won awards such as the Dr. Jagdishwari Mishra and the Dr. Tank for Best Paper Presentation. During his 15 years of practice, he has worked with patients in a variety of areas and with a variety of challenges. He is highly experienced in all aspects of reproductive medicine, with a special interest in infertility and gynecology. He is a member of the Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI). Her areas of expertise are Dilation and Curettage (D&C), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Hysterectomy (abdominal/vaginal), and Normal Vaginal Delivery (NVD).

9. Aakash Fertility Center & Hospital, India (Best Surrogacy Center in India)

Aakash Fertility Center and Hospitalis the first hospital focused exclusively on reproductive medicine in India. Aakash Hospital Chennai is located in Vadapalani and has been a beacon of hope for many who have been unsuccessful in having children. The hospital has fully equipped, state-of-the-art modern operating rooms to perform microsurgeries for tube repair, laparoscopic surgeries, etc. Tests, Ultrasound Semen analysis, Testicular biopsy, IUI (Insemination), IVF (Tube-tube baby), Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, Tubal repair microsurgery, Sperm banking, Embryo freezing, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy (EDST), Assisted Incubation and PGD. Treatment options: Diagnosis of infertility, Intrauterine insemination, In vitro fertilization, Ovarian drilling, Ovulation induction, Surgical treatment options, Assisted incubation, Blastocyst transfer, Frozen embryo transfer, Preimplantation genetic diagnosis, Gamete intrafallopian transfer embryos, intrafallopian zygote transfer, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, natural cycle IVF, testicular sperm aspiration, surrogacy and cryopreservation of sperm and embryos. doctor Kamaraj is a sexual medicine consultant. He graduated from Madras Medical College Chennai, completed his DMRD (1986-1988) from Stanley Medical College, Madras University and MD (General Medicine) from Coimbatore Medical College. Doctor. (Reproductive Medicine) (First PhD in Reproductive Medicine in India) (1997-2002) Apollo Hospital, Chennai, TN.DR.M.G.R.Medical University, did his Masters in Health Sciences (Sexual and Reproductive Medicine) at Annamalai University.

10. Indigo Womens Center, India (Best Surrogacy Center in India)

The Indigo Womens Center is an ISO and NABH certified hospital dedicated to women's health. Established in 2016, we have quickly become the top destination for fertility treatment in Chennai. Our hospital's strategy is "patients first" where we put quality of care first above all else. Our core services include fertility treatment (IVF/IUI/ICSI), laparoscopic services, maternity, weight loss programs, diagnostics and aesthetics. We don't believe in invasive marketing; we are driven by patient satisfaction, which is the most important reason for our rapid growth. Each patient is their own best advocate. Unfortunately, due to the vast amount of misinformation provided online, there is confusion regarding medical care and treatments. For this reason, we always urge patients to obtain a second opinion whenever possible. For a free consultation, feel free to contact us and one of our doctors will contact you about the treatment options available to you. Our goal is to educate patients by providing evidence-based information about the best treatments available. We place quality markers at all levels so that healthcare is delivered smoothly and of the highest quality. We aim to be an experience more than just a hospital visit. We are proud to say that we are your best option to achieve parenthood for the experience we offer. Our specialists have over 35 years of experience in treating infertility problems and laparoscopy. Tamil Nadu's "FIRST BABY GIFT" was performed in 1989 by our doctor, Dr. Sarat Battina. For a comprehensive list of all fertility services provided at our hospital. Our hospital is conveniently located in the heart of Chennai at Anna Nagar. We are easily accessible by Chennai metro or taxi. We are conveniently located between two metro stations (Thirumangalam Metro Station and Tower Metro Station). We also offer ample parking in and around our hospital. Being one of the best hospitals in Chennai, we are proud of our IVF live birth rates which have always been one of the highest in Tamil Nadu. However, don't take our word for it. We are proud of IVF success rate and we were the highest in Tamil Nadu. However, don't take our word for it. Do some online research on Dr. Sarat Battina or the Indigo women's center.

11. Jananam Fertility Center, India (Best Surrogacy Center in India)

Why choose Jananam Fertility Center, Chennai? In this fast-paced world, what most of us are looking for is personalized attention and answers to our toughest questions. From the moment you walk into our hospital until the moment you leave, we strive to provide you with individualized care and crystal clear transparency. Every member of our team appreciates the miracle that is birth. This drives them to work day in and day out to make this miracle happen for couples. To help with this unwavering purpose, we are equipped with ISAR and ISO 9001 certifications. Our cleanroom labs are lined with an antimicrobial wall liner and primed for optimal performance, ensuring that only quality embryos are prepared. Ultimately, this results in our great success rates across different types of fertility treatments. Our success rates have always been high thanks to our constant efforts to keep up with the latest and most advanced technologies.

We at Jananam pride ourselves on providing individualized attention to couples. We consider it our duty and privilege to ensure that each couple receives a personalized plan of care and treatment to increase their chances of success. At Jananam, we believe in clear communication with couples about their treatment plan and cost. Our advisors, doctors and staff will guide you through the process and answer your questions every step of the way. When we decided to open a fertility center in Chennai, we knew it was a big responsibility. But then, we also realized that it was also a great opportunity. An opportunity to be one of the best fertility hospitals in Chennai making a significant difference in couples' lives. In our years of experience in the field of reproductive medicine, we've seen what childlessness does to couples. We saw the frustration in their eyes when they came up to us. But we've also seen the joy on their faces when they get a positive result. And that look is what drives us every day to strive for excellence. When we started fertility treatment in Chennai, we knew that there are many stigmas associated with fertility treatment. Therefore, we always aim to be a center specializing in personalized treatment. We believe in making our patients comfortable on their journey with us and offering them a personalized treatment plan. Today, we also have a fertility center in Sri Lanka, which has been a stepping stone on our path to providing world-class fertility treatment.

12. Chennai Fertility Center, India (Best Surrogacy Center in India)

Chennai Fertility Center is one of the best fertility centers in Chennai founded and managed by Dr. Thomas, the renowned embryologist and fertility specialist. Chennai Fertility was founded in the year 20013 by Dr. Thomas after realizing the need for quality fertility care and expertise to address the issues faced by couples regarding infertility. doctor Thomas is one of the forerunners who brought infertility treatments, he brought the most advanced and sophisticated fertility treatments in a very attractive hospital setting. Chennai Fertility Center has the best progress over the years with the number of patients coming in and getting the kind of care and treatment they deserve. Chennai Fertility Center is known to be the only source of healthcare solution with unrivaled quality of care, highest success rate and immensely experienced doctors in the specialty. Chennai Fertility Center over the years has gained unshakable trust with the added strength of Dr. Thomas, state-of-the-art infrastructure and excellent resources from the Chennai Fertility Center team.

There are various rare and sophisticated treatments at Chennai Fertility Center which are performed with excellent precision and utmost care to achieve success for patients. The best part of Chennai Fertility Center is that all the facilities are under one roof. Chennai Fertility Center (CFC) is a top-notch fertility center in Chennai dedicated to helping childless couples start a family. We are proud to call ourselves the best fertility hospital in Chennai with the most effective IVF treatment. More than 23,000 babies born by IVF/ICSI worldwide. Schedule your consultation today. Chennai Fertility Center (CFC) has centralized laboratory facilities for IVF treatment. Our fertility specialists have extensive experience treating all types of fertility, from basic to complex fertility services. We have the highest success rate of ART pregnancies. We are proud to say again that our team currently has a record of over 23,000 successful births worldwide and we are consistently recognized as the best fertility clinics with the best IVF specialists in Chennai.

13. Indira IVF, India (Best Surrogacy Center in India)

At Indira IVF Hospital, we have been creating miracle births for the last 40 years. With the most advanced medical technologies, state-of-the-art infrastructure and personalized care, our nationally recognized infertility specialists can work closely with you to develop a personalized fertility solution to optimize your chances of pregnancy. Indira IVF is a creation of Dr. Ajay Murdia (a career spanning over three decades), who has now grown into one of the leading fertility chains in India from humble beginnings with IVF centers across the Indian peninsula. We at Indira IVF Fertility Clinics Group know that you two will be the best parents this world has ever known and yet you have no one to show all that love to. As you've been challenged by infertility, we're here to change all that for you and you'll come out of it stronger. We are equipped with world-class technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure, servicing a range of infertility treatments such as IVF (IVF), laser-assisted incubation, cryopreservation, ICSI, IUI, blastocyst culture and transfer, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, including donor programs.

Indira IVF center is the pioneer in providing affordable and affordable infertility cures to common people for the first time in India. It has state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced equipment and a group of renowned doctors. We started with a two room clinic in 1988 and today we stand as one of the most reputable and prestigious IVF service providers in the country and beyond. We are deeply committed to providing all primary and ancillary services related to your care under one roof, because we understand the importance of a concerted, meticulous and well-oiled network for the success of your pregnancy. The Doctor. Ajay Murdia is a renowned IVF expert whose research has been published in a well-known medical journal called "The Lancet" in the UK. With a vision of eradicating infertility from India, Dr. Ajay Murdia established Indira IVF in the year 1988. Initially, Indira IVF's main focus was male infertility, but now it aims to provide state-of-the-art fertility centers across India. for men and women. For an affordable treatment for common people, "Closed Chamber of Work" was introduced in May 2011, an advanced IVF technique imported from Australia to increase the chances of conceiving.

14. Care IVF, India (Best Surrogacy Center in India)

Ranked no. We earn a lot of respect and credibility from our patients through numerous reviews, ratings, success stories and testimonials. With 7 fertility specialists, 12 counselors, over 50 associate consultants, 4 centers in East India, 2 Surrogate Homes, one of the largest sperm and oocyte banks in India and a growing presence across the city in East India, Care IVF is dedicated to helping couples have healthy babies. Care IVF is also the Medical Ultrasound Center of Excellence and is the first and only center in East India to offer live ultrasound training programs for physicians covering infertility imaging, basic and advanced ultrasound diagnostics in obstetrics, gynecology and infertility, 3D-4D Doppler and fetal echo. The Clinic, which becomes a second home for the patient undergoing treatment, offers a relaxing, welcoming and friendly environment. An experienced team of fertility specialists, fertility scientists, geneticists, counselors and paramedical personnel is dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for our patients. This is reflected in our success rates across a wide range of different patients. We receive feedback from patients throughout the treatment cycle to help improve our services. They top out at 45% for those going for IVF, rising much higher to around 50% for those in need of egg donation or surrogacy.

This success can be further enhanced with the use of advanced assisted reproduction techniques available from Care IVF. The IVF success rate can be improved by up to 65% if combined with one or a combination of advanced procedures such as ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Matrix), LAH (Laser Assisted Incubation) and FET (Embryo Transfer). frozen). Care IVF is the first center to initiate pregenetic screening and pregenetic diagnosis of embryos using CGH technology. Recommended for Couples with a family history of Genetic Disease and for Couples of advanced age (> 35 years). Care IVF has a highly experienced panel of infertility specialists who handle an average of over 1,000 IVF cycles per year and 2,000 IUI procedures per year. Care IVF infertility specialists specialize in handling PRE IVF assessment, all clinical protocols in IVF treatment such as follicular scans, ovarian stimulation, oocyte retrieval, endometrial stimulation and monitoring, embryo transfer, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care and management.

15. Fertility Maternity, India (Best Surrogacy Center in India)

Rhea Healthcare Private Limited, operating under the Motherhood Hospitals brand, provides comprehensive care for women and children in services ranging from obstetrics, gynecology, fetal care, neonatology, pediatrics and fertility care. Rhea Healthcare Private Ltd is a subsidiary of Asia Health Care Holdings, a company with significant interests in unique specialty medical platforms, including feminine and child care, fertility care and comprehensive cancer care, in India and South Africa. Asia. Rhea Healthcare Private Ltd has acquired a majority stake in Papilio Healthcare Private Limited, a Kolkata-based healthcare provider specializing in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) through IUI and IVF. Having been renamed "Motherhood Fertility (East) Private Limited" (MFPL), the new entity will focus on being the leading provider of fertility health services in West Bengal and across East India, with further plans to expand to neighboring countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. and Burma. We are currently present in Kankurgachi, Kasba, New Town, Siliguri, Patna and Ranchi. Motherhood Fertility has a dedicated team in East India consisting of senior members with extensive experience in infertility with over 100 years of collective experience. The teams of professionals supporting the organization have been working in this space and are well versed in the technical aspects of the procedures and are doing their best to make the overall patient-friendly experience. Our full-time fertility specialists, embryologists, gynecologists, radiologists, paediatricians, laparoscopic surgeons are proficient in handling all aspects of reproductive technology and tirelessly strive to achieve better outcomes for our patients.

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