Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (2023)

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Yes, I am sharing Trader Joe's BEST frozen foods. The frozen aisles are one of the best places to find Trader Joe's items, ranging from cauliflower rice to almond croissants! I put together this list of Trader Joe'sto improvefrozen foods, 23 to be exact and while I've tried to touch most of the categories, I'm sure you can add a few to the list too!

Want to know what's so great about Trader Joe's? You have come to the right place. I've tasted, shared, reviewed, and acquired a ton of recipes using the best of Trader Joe's edibles. whether you are doing aTrader Joe's Cheese Boardor trying to figure outTrader Joe's Best Frozen AppetizersThey are, I've got you covered.

While Veggie Burgers and Frozen Burritos are classic frozen meals, there's so much more to love about TJ's! Here are some ofTrader Joe's Best Frozen Foods.

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Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (1)

Trader Joe's Frozen Cauliflower Rice

Yep, frozen cauliflower rice deserves a category of its own! As always, TJ's always follows popular food trends and has managed to create a range of Trader Joe's Cauliflower Rice products. serve withChicken in Trader Joe's Air Fryeror make your owncauliflower fried ricewith some vegetables and soy sauce.

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (2)

Trader Joe's Cauliflower Rice

This product is amazing and I hate to be without it. Great on cauliflower fried rice, smoothies, or any stir-fry.

I think it's one of the best things to buy from Trader Joe's in terms of quality, versatility, and price!

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (3)

Sautéed cauliflower with rice

One of the easiest ways to make cauliflower fried rice! I like to fry it and serve it with a fried egg for a vegetarian meal. Sriracha and garlic sauce to taste.

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (4)

cauliflower rice bowl

This (vegan!) cauliflower rice bowl features many different flavors that (sort of) work surprisingly well together. It's a little light for a full meal, so I tend to add fried eggs to make it a little more filling.

Trader Joe's Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

I love having a stash of Trader Joe's items like frozen fruits, veggies, and convenience items.

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (5)

frozen garlic

Put minced garlic in jar aside! I repeat, put the pan of minced garlic aside! If you want the Recipe is below, so you save time peeling and chopping the garlic, these are the cubes you should use. Much better flavor than in a jar, just as easy. Use these cubes in everything fromInstant Chicken Stewagrilled chicken thighs.

I always keep chopped ginger in the freezer, as it's not an ingredient I always have on hand. It's a must for stir-fry recipes likecamarones moo shuoSautéed Pepper Steak.

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (6)

roasted corn

This toasted corn is a great addition to many meals. i have used instreet corn toast with avocado; emChipotle Mock Corn Salsa, and as a side tofajitas de peruoblack bean and cheese burritos.

The smoky flavor adds depth to any place frozen corn is needed.

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Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (7)

frozen raspberries

I know, Trader Joe's frozen fruit is a bit random, but it's worth mentioning. When I was pregnant with Eden and under strictdiet for gestational diabetes, my late night dessert was siggi's raspberry yogurt + frozen raspberries + whipped cream. It was light, sweet, creamy and a little sour.

They're also fantastic in smoothies, and I think their prices for organic and conventional frozen fruit are hard to beat.

Trader Joe's Best Frozen Dinners

Trader Joe's is known for its frozen meals, and they have some great ones! Here are some of the best Trader Joe's when it comes to frozen meals:

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (8)

Thai prawn gyoza

If I had to choose solo dining (aka the nights I dine alone), Trader Joe's potstickers would be my go-to food most of the time! They are also Demi's favorite to take to school lunch.

Shrimp is my favorite, but I also like chicken gyozas and pork gyozas. (UPDATE: I have new and strong opinions on meatballs after doing some research and trying side by side for theDefinitive Guide to Trader Joe's Meatballs.

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (9)

Paneer Tikka Masala

Even Indian foodies agree that the frozen Indian entrees are some of the best items at Trader Joe's. If you want to recreate an Indian meal at home, buy one of each... not that I've ever done that. 😉

I also like to complement the paneer masala with a side dish of dal or chicken tikka masala for a more complete meal.

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (10)

Provençal Cod with Ratatouille and Rice

Yes, I know what you're thinking. And I thought the same. So my co-worker was warming up a bit at work and weirdly this microwaved fish smelled GOOD! I'm a fan of lunches without work.

I also made this for my kids when they were babies and just starting to eat if we needed a quick meal for them. The ingredients are very healthy.

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (11)

Linguine with seafood sauce

I held frozen noodles too long. I really don't think they could be any good. Who knows what finally compelled me to try them, but I'm a fan. The fettucine alfredo and spaghetti cacio e pepe are also great, as is adult macaroni and cheese. (bucatini cheese and pepperis better, but sometimes you need the EASY option).

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It's important to note that most Trader Joe's frozen pasta feeds you, not what's listed on the package. 🙂

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (12)

Sorrentine gnocchi

Looks super fancy, tastes super good. This is another one I had very low expectations for…but it's simple and tasty. (See my thoughts on the best way to preparecauliflower gnocchi.)

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (13)

Burrata, Ham and Arugula Flatbread

Trader Joe's frozen pizzas aren't my favorite, but I like some of the flatbreads! They have a crispier crust and delicious flavors like this one. To trypizza naanat home for a quick dinner option.

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (14)

Pollo kung pao

Salty, spicy and full of flavor - just what I want in Chinese chicken!

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (15)

tangerine chicken

According to just about every website and article out there, Mandarin Orange Chicken is one of the best things to buy at Trader Joe's and is consistently on fan favorite lists.

I think it's super tasty, but it's not something I eat every time I go there. serve withgreen beansoBroccoli and Cauliflower Airfryerand a side of basmati rice. To do theOrange chicken in fryerfor less confusion! I have one tooHomemade Orange Fried Chicken.

Trader Joe's Must-Have Appetizers

I ALWAYS stop by Trader Joe's Snack Freezer no matter how rushed I am. There's some of the best stuff at Trader Joe's. For the complete list, seeThe 12 Best (And Worst!) Trader Joe's Ice Cream Appetizers.

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (16)

parmesan puff pastry

These may look like regular pigs in a blanket, but they're not. They're slightly elevated (with puff pastry and a hint of parm), making them perfectly suited no matter how old you are!

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (17)

mini chicken tacos

Whether you put them in an appetizer or pack them in your school lunch like I do, they make a great family snack or meal! Serve with fresh sauces, sour cream and parsley.

Trader Joe's Protein and Frozen Meatballs

I have strong opinions when it comes to Trader Joe's frozen foods like meatballs, beef and seafood. keep reading…

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Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (18)

Party size mini meatballs

I'm a little picky about Trader Joe's items, including the meatballs! And I just don't like turkey. Beef and mini are the way to go! Mini meatballs do not have a strong Italian flavor, so they can be used in any flavor. ThoseTrader Joe's Curry Meatballs Rice Bowlsthey are the favorites!

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (19)

Argentinian Red Shrimp

while I don'tamarAll seafood at Trader Joe's, this shrimp really has the flavor and texture of lobster. So naturally, we like to serve it with lemon juice and melted butter. use it on megrilled lobster with cheeseoscallop linguini.

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (20)

Shrimp Burger

At some point, Trader Joe's changed their salmon burger recipe, and unfortunately the new one isn't what I like. But then they came out with the shrimp burger! It is a mixture of shrimp and white fish and is delicious with a bright coleslaw and brioche bread.

Trader Joe's Frozen Breads and Sides

Trader Joe's frozen croissants and naan are standouts here. HAVE TO!

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (21)

Pan naan de ajo

Remember that Indian party I mentioned earlier? The naan bread is a must. In addition to accompanying Indian meals, naan bread makes an excellent crust forpizza naan,buffalo chicken flatbread, obutter chicken pizza. Garlic all the way for me, but plain is great too.

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (22)

Croissants From Almendras

This is yet another article (and I know I've said it several times!) that I just didn't think could be very good... WRONG! After an overnight proofing and a quick bake, you have fresh almond croissants that are flaky with just the right amount of sweetness.

Not too long ago, I also tried the mini croissants (no proof required) and was very impressed with them as well. The small size was perfect for me.trader joe's breakfast tableand would make a great addition to lunches.

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (23)

Frozen Jasmine Rice

Just like Trader Joe's Cauliflower Rice, the frozen grain section is another great dinner hack! Just pop it in the microwave for a few minutes and you'll have perfectly cooked rice or quinoa. Jasmine rice is my favorite forground pork stewoTrader Joe's Chicken and Vegetable Curry.

Trader Joe's 23 Best Frozen Foods (24)

Potato latkes (potato pancakes)

Homemade potato latkes are amazing, no question. But peeling, grinding and oil splatters? Eh Once every few years, we make them from scratch, the other times? Trader Joe to the rescue.

Here it is. Twenty-three of Trader Joe's Best Frozen Foods! (IMHO) Add yours in the comments!

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